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3000 miles to go…

Ocean Rowing boat

I hope to post a blog post or an audio update once or twice a week during the 3000 mile row to Barbados…

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  1. Nice one Alastair, suppose this is not a micro adventure 😉

  2. Class 2 at Middleham Primary School are following your adventure!
    Today we looked at your blog, and talked about your journey. We listened to your audio, too. We wonder how you are going to sleep if you have to row for 2 hours on/2hours off – will you be able to sleep in the daytime? Where will you sleep?
    We’d love to see some more pictures of your boat, and where you will be when you are not rowing.
    Can you ever all row at the same time?
    Can you ever all sleep at the same time?
    Would it be possible for a big wave to come and wash you overboard in the night while you are rowing?
    Good luck with your journey! We have found the Canaries on our map!

    • Hi guys,
      This is the last time I will be able to reply on the blog – I hope we will leave in the morning…
      We have to try to get a bit of sleep in the two hours before we row again.
      We sleep in the little cabin at the front and the back of the boat. It is very tiny!
      We have a few more pictures at and more at the Facebook page –
      It also has videos of all the food we each day…
      We can only row two at a time.
      If there is a big storm we will all squash into the cabins together to stop us being washed overboard.
      To be safe we have harnesses to clip us onto the boat.
      I look forward to talking to you soon!

  3. Just clicked on BBC News and saw “Team set Atlantic rowing record”. And just for a second, I thought, Jesus that WAS fast 🙂 Of course, it was someone else. I hope it’s not getting too crowded out there…

  4. What an excellent adventure! It is absolutely inspiring.

    Good to see that you made it safely!



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