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Map of all the countries I have visited

At times, when the search for sponsorship for Antarctica gets me down a bit, I turn my mind to daydreaming of easier, cheaper journeys. Last week I explained why I now need to find myself a new project for the next few months.

Here’s a map that shows (in red), the places I’ve been to. It helps me focus on where I should head next. There’s certainly no shortage of places worthy of a good adventure. Three regions in particular are grabbing my attention…

Get your own map here.

Next week I will write about some of the places I am planning future expeditions in.

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  1. I’ve long thought Scandinavia would be a fascinating place to explore – rights of access for all, mountains and lakes, the longest summer days on dry land…

    A trans-Mongolian mountain bike expedition would be splendid. I’m planning on doing one sooner rather than later – interested? 🙂 (See for a chap who’s just done it alone!)

    A visit to Iran is really recommended, seeing as you didn’t get to go on the bike trip.

    Looking forward to reading the next post!

    PS. What happened to the post entitled ‘Ideas for my next trip’ – I can’t find it any more… am I being blind?

  2. Ski across Greenland? Would that be as expensive? Or west africa, perhaps recreate Mungo Park’s journey up the Niger?

  3. I interned in Ghana, and I highly recommend you check it out, or anywhere in the region for that matter. It’s a great site for photographs, the local art is beautiful, and the people are friendly.

  4. Stewart McGinty Posted

    Wow! You’ve done so much! Legend!

  5. Testing McTest Posted

    testing testing 123



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