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An Adventurers’ Gathering

“Went to this last year. Now 13,000km into my own adventure. Deduction: an evening well spent!” – @CoshJunningham

One of the most powerful things you can wish for when hatching a crazy idea is a gang of enthusiastic cheerleaders. People who say “that’s a brilliant idea – you should definitely do it. And make it even bigger and bolder and crazier. And you should start tomorrow. And can I come too?!”

Trouble is, most crazy ideas are – almost by definition – unusual and unconventional. And most of the people you probably spend time with each day are pretty normal and conventional. The sort of people who say “isn’t it dangerous? What if it doesn’t work out? Shouldn’t you be saving up for a place in an old people’s home?”

And if you listen to them, then you’ll never do anything epic.

If you’re planning a big adventure then I want to help you by filling a room with cheerleaders for you. Guys and girls to hurl petrol on your flames of enthusiasm. And the sort of people who won’t respond to your idea of cycling to Singapore by saying “isn’t it dangerous?” but who’ll say “I’ve done that – it was ace!”

Here’s the plan:

If you’re planning a big adventure or just dreaming of one, then be in London on the evening of October 5th.
Join 100 like-minded people for an evening of sharing ideas, asking for help, offering suggestions, and making stuff happen. There’ll be a bar and lots of good people to chat to. [Get your tickets here.]

Here are some of the experts who’ll be there to help your planning:

Explorers, writers, film-makers, entrepreneurs, photographers – all here to help you!



anna h





anna mc

I’ve arranged quite a few of these evenings now and they are great fun and full of positive energy. I’ll make sure you chat to specific people who can help with your plans. And if nobody else can help I’ll do my very best to help you myself or connect you with somebody who can.

If you have done a big trip yourself – by bike, by foot, by jeep, up mountains, across deserts or icecaps – then I’d love you to come along too. You’ll meet some great kindred spirits and get ideas for your next project. And you will also be able to do an invaluable good deed in helping somebody who’s just setting out on the road to adventure. Remember when you were planning your first ever trip, how exciting but daunting that felt? How much would you have loved to meet someone who could say “Yes! You should totally do that. Go! You’ll be fine…”

If you think this is a good idea, please tell your friends and share it on social media. (Do it now, before you forget!)

Or this link on Facebook (click the pic).
Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 13.43.28

If you are planning an expedition, independent travel, or adventures large and small, then this evening event in London should be really helpful and inspiring for you.

It’s a pretty simple format: a big room, with beer, and a chance to meet people who can answer your questions. It’s a way to bring together individuals with a range of experiences to swap expertise and share future plans.

We ran one last year and it was brilliant to listen to the buzz of so many different people helping each other, offering advice and contacts, and generally encouraging each other to get out the door and make their adventures happen.

Perhaps you are thinking of cycling the globe and are looking for advice on route planning. Maybe you don’t quite yet have the nerve to go on your first microadventure out of London.

Whether you are planning your first venture or are a seasoned traveller keen to share your knowledge, everyone is welcome.

Here’s the detail:

  1. Where: Escape the City, 3rd floor, 1 Frederick’s place EC2R 8AE
  2. When: October 5th. 7.30pm
  3. Cost: £10. Tickets here. All proceeds to charity. Buy your tickets here.

Escape the City have generously waived the venue fee for the evening. I’m charging for this event for three reasons: to control the numbers who come, to raise money for charity, and because when events are free people are so flakey about committing to turning up and valuing the event. Nobody is making money out of this evening. If you don’t feel you got your money’s worth from the event, I’ll refund you. If the £10 is genuinely prohibitive to you attending then get in touch with me and I’ll see what I can do.

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  1. I just wanted to know what the difference is between this gathering and the one on the 30th Sept?

    • Totally separate and different events!
      The one on the 30th is a series of people giving talks – a normal lecture evening, I guess. Raising funds / gear for refugees.

      This one has no talks – it’s just a room full of people and everyone chatting about their trips. I will ensure that everyone gets to meet other people who are useful / helpful for their individual plans. See it as a social / networking event. Raising funds for Hope & Homes for Children.

  2. I see thanks for the clarification, I was confused as they both have a section with the exact same copy in them explaining the event.



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