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Ballbuster Duathlon

Winter Ballbuster Duathlon

I’m wallowing in the lovely self-indulgent idleness that comes after a decent bout of exercise. I watched the rugby on TV this afternoon from a soft sofa with a large red wine, and now I’m eating chocolate biscuits and drinking tea in anticipation of this evening’s Chinese Takeaway and Match of the Day.

This morning was the Ballbuster duathlon that I have been looking forward to for a while.
The format is simple: run an 8-mile lap of Box Hill, cycle three laps, then run another lap. Box Hill’s famous zig-zag climb makes the event roughly as hard as a running marathon, with comparable finishing times.

I really enjoyed the race, though I paid for insufficient training. I love events where there is a direct correlation between how hard you train and how well you perform: a simple reward for hard work. (My one quibble about races involving bikes is that there is also a direct link between how much cash you spend on your bike and how fast you go).

The sensation of cramp, simultaneously, in both calves, both quads and both hamstrings was certainly memorable, as was being lapped (!) by some ridiculously speedy bloke with “SMITH” emblazoned across his bottom*. All in all, a good event, and one I would recommend having a go at.

It is a good thing to work hard on a Saturday morning and earn the right to spend the rest of the day semi-comatose and watching sport on TV.

* – I later discovered that he is an international triathlete which makes me feel better!

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  1. I suspect that was world triathlon champion(!) Spencer Smith –

    Two thumbs up for giving it a go – I think I was 3:15ish when I first did it (on a reasonably swanky bike) so with a dash of carbon fibre and a few more hill reps I reckon we’d be neck and neck.

    I’ll definitely be doing it again before too long – it’s a brilliant race and I’d love to scrape inside the top ten one day. Enjoy the takeaway!

  2. Richard Green Posted

    I have only just read this piece, after linking from your “Please stand on the right (if you are a loser)”.

    In both articles, I love the sentiment that you get out of life what you put in. And you don’t move forward by standing still!



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