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Bicycle Pornography: 20 pictures of bikes

I sometimes feel a bit guilty that, despite cycling round the world, I am not very interested in bicycles.
So here, to redeem my street cred amongst bikers, is my offering of bicycle pornography for your delectation.

Cycling through Siberia in winter
cycling through  Siberia in winter

Filming rig for my bike
Filming rig for my bike

A proper cyclist

Girls and bikes in India
Girls and bikes

“Happy Birthday, Mum!” Xinjiang, China
"Happy Birthday, Mum!" xinjiang, western china

Sunset pipe smoker in the Andes
sunset pipe smoker

Sunshine on Chippenham station
Sun and shadows

An Ethiopian stare-off
An Ethiopian stare-off

Bike shadows in Brisbane

BMX Jump Display at Cycle Show 2009
BMX Jump Display at Cycle Show 2009

Angel of the Highway
Angel of the Highway

Brixton BMX-er
bmx bike jumpers

Masaai Rider
Masaai man racing me

Cycling past a temple, Tiruchirapalli, India
Cycling past a temple, Tiruchirapalli

London courier
London cyclist

Over the mountains (illegally) from China towards Kazakhstan
Over the mountains (illegally) from China towards Kazakhstan

Practising with a fish-eye lens whilst riding no-handed through London rush hour traffic
Practising with a fisheye lens whilst riding no-handed through London rush hour traffic

Upside-down BMX bike jumper
upside down bmx bike jumper

Late night streets in Vietnam

Bicycle pornography
Sexy Model in Underwear / Lingerie (and my bike...) in Slovenia

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  1. Great idea for a post. The picture in Xinjiang reminds me of how I really need to travel there because it is so beautiful.

  2. f yea! those are some fantastic pics. thanks for the porn payoff at the end.

    a few more images and videos of that specific kinda of content is at




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