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Bivvybagging in the Lake District – a microadventure

I keep an eye on who is going on microadventures and sharing their experiences on Twitter using the hashtag #microadventure. I was amused by @QuinMurray heading up a hill in the Lake District with a linen jacket and a bivvy bag. His pictures were really nice too, so I asked him to share his experience with us all here…

Finding myself craving a change of scene whilst working a full time job in London I realised there was only one cure: a microadventure.

The beauty and solitude in the Lake District made it the perfect choice, so after spotting a range I liked the look of I set off, boots on, bag packed and white linen suit jacket donned.

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The locals were enthusiastic

AY2A5791 copy

The mountains were beautiful

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And soon all thoughts of desks, computers and work were behind me

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 17.23.51

Wanting a new experience, I swapped my trusty tent for a bivvy bag for a night under the stars.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 17.22.19_Snapseed

Picking a spot was easy, just below the summit with a perfect view of where I had walked from below.

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To keep warm in the well below freezing temperatures I had a bit of a run around with the stars illuminating my way.

AY2A9433_Snapseed copy

Once the sun had properly set I was awestruck by how gorgeous the night sky can be in England

AY2A9427_Snapseed copy

Although when the time came to get into my Bivvy it was a little frostier than I had imagined, but no matter. I was warm in my sleepingbag, looking up at the stars and listening to the wind whistle over my head. What more can someone want from an adventure?

AY2A9506_Snapseed copy

Although being woken at 3am by a jet flying low overhead wasn’t quite the wakeup I expected, I was soon back asleep.


Although slightly parched thanks to my water freezing solid, I still couldn’t have had a better night under the stars.

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  1. Daniel Posted

    Really easy to read post flavored with lovely photos. A real moralebooster.

  2. Damn it – having just moaned about it being too cold for a microadventure in All’s survey I’m now regretting my comment having read this – inspiring stuff. Just get out there!

  3. Great stuff, love the jacket too!

  4. David Harris Posted

    Awesome dark sky’s people should go out and appreciate the wonder above them, light polution and weather permitting.



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