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Welcome to my blog! There are 1800 blog posts here, stretching back all the way to 2001. So let me help you navigate through the archives to find the content that interests you.

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Recent Posts

What is Stopping us Living Adventurously? Fear? Over recent days I’ve been asking a series of questions on social media to try to figure out what is stopping people from living as adventurously as they might wish to do, and exploring whether — at its heart — […] Read »
Shouting from my Shed: Volume 10 (I think) Hello, once again, from my shed, I write with trepidation following my recent spate of incompetent and broken newsletters. Fingers crossed this makes it out into the universe safely, and just the once! Adventures are filled with screw-ups and mistakes. You […] Read »
Shouting from my Shed – 13 – Women in Adventure Good afternoon from a kayak in sunny Sweden! (Actually, that is a lie. When this email goes out to the world I will be on that kayak, but I’m actually writing this a week ago, in my shed. So if […] Read »
Shouting from my Shed – Volume 10 This is now the 10th new-style newsletter I have sent out. I am curious to learn about is one asking whether you prefer my usual long, rambling newsletters, or one that gets to the point and just gives you a […] Read »
Shouting from my Shed: Volume 11 Happy Friday! I spent much of the first chunk of this year working on a series of films around Britain, exploring this wacky, wonderful, wild little land I call home. I don’t know when the films will see the light […] Read »
How to Improve your Email Newsletter I’ve been half-heartedly sending email newsletters for 17 years. But only recently have I started to make a real effort to make them good (do you subscribe? If not, you probably should). In order to learn what my audience was […] Read »


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