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B is for Bolivia. An Audio Recording

Bolivia: London's World of Food: an A to Z

camping in Bolivia

Our A to Z journey through the world foods of London began fantastically well with a night out in an Afghan restaurant. From Central Asia we sweep now to the Andes and our next letter. B is for Bolivia. I have cycled across Bolivia twice. It’s a tough and beautiful country. I was looking forward to a hearty meal and some happy nostalgia.

This is a short audio piece I made to try to capture a sense of the Parrilladas del Sur grill. Eating Bolivian food on the Old Kent Road: this project is going to be interesting.

Here also is a challenge for my readers this year: to try to slow down your life enough to be able to pause and savour a 5 minute audio recording. It’s not in HD, there are no bells and whistles. It’s just you, the recording, and 5 minutes of calm… I mention this because I find it very difficult to stop still on a website long enough to listen to audio recordings. But I rarely regret it when I do. Let me know in the comments how you get on!


You can find much more on our London’s World of Food website. There’s photos, videos, restaurant reviews and recipes galore.

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  1. Thanks for the “telling off” for me to slow down – to be honest I wouldn’t normally have bothered listening to this, but I did enjoy it.
    You’re right – 5 minutes of calm is a good thing to add to my day…

  2. I like the audio clip format. It’s very evocative. And it did induce me to take a five minute break to listen!



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