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What Book Shall I Write Next?

I have just finished writing two new books [click here to be the first to know when they are released] so today I’m asking for your help to decide what I should write next.

As always I have too many things bubbling away at once, and I am already underway with seven different books! Please will you help me pick which one would be the best to focus on first?

Also, if you are a regular reader of my blog or watch my online films, I would be hugely grateful if you could take a moment to let me know in the comments what type of stuff you would like me to produce more of.

What do I do well? What is a waste of time? What could I do that would reach a much bigger audience?

Below is a quick synopsis of my different ideas, then a simple vote for which one you’d be most likely to buy. If you think all these ideas are rubbish, please, please say so in the comments!

The Seven Book Options

  • The Girl Who Rowed the Ocean: my kids’ books about cycling round the world are selling really well at the moment. This is the story of my experiences rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, modified to be a tale about an adventurous girl who decides she wants a big adventure.


  • How to be an Adventurer: a practical guide to planning big expeditions (cycling, hiking, deserts etc.), documenting them through writing, photography and film, and turning your passion into your job.


  • Bothy Nights: one of my favourite trips in the UK became my most-popular ever short film. I’d love to create a beautiful, photo-heavy guide to Britain’s mountain bothies and their quirky wilderness culture.


  • A World of Adventure: aimed at very young children, this is an atlas introducing the great explorers and the world they explore.


  • Microadventures Europe: Following on from my popular book, Microadventures, this is a book of adventure ideas designed for a weekend escape in Europe. Jump on a plane Friday evening, get the last flight home on Sunday night: what wild adventures across the continent can you cram into 48 hours?


  • Microadventures USA: Whilst I tried to make the ideas in my Microadventures book be applicable wherever you live in the world, it had a decidedly British feel. This book takes the Microadventure concept to the big ol’ USA.


  • Microadventures for Families: Rather than taking your kids to the park at the weekend, why not do something exciting that the whole family can enjoy? Sleeping on hilltops and floating down rivers on inner tubes are adventures all the family can enjoy.


The Vote

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  1. I voted for The Girl who Rowed the Ocean.
    It would be great to offer children an adventure book from the point of view of a girl. I never read much adventure books as a kid but I do now. And a lot of books are from the perspective of a male (even in fiction). This would be really refreshing.

    I wouldn’t bother with How to be an adventurer. It would probably sell very well but your site and the Internet is already so packed with information, that it doesn’t feel really needed. It would make life easier to have all the information in one place and neatly organised, but then it would also take a bit of the fun of preparation away (or maybe it’s just me enjoying this phase).

  2. Sarah Hammond Ward Posted

    Choosing one was hard! I went for Microadventures for kids but would also be v tempted by Bothy Nights and the Atlas of Adventures for kids.

  3. A selfish vote for Bothy nights for me – a fantastic idea and a picture heavy book will work wonders for gleaming inspiration!

    BUT If i could vote again I’d go for the Microadventures for Families – my lad is 2 and a half and loves playing in the tent in the garden. Now I’ve a couple of ideas for when he’s a year or two older but would be great to have a book like this for reference and inspiration.

    Perhaps incorporate a grid of some kind to make interactive for the kids to choose the method & destination of your trip, eg (bikes / hikes / runs etc) combined with destination (beach / woods / river etc) – once chosen, get the kids to look over the maps for a destination that meets the criteria.



  4. I would pick every one of them for a different reason.If we take my boyfriend and his kids,he runs of ideas how to spent time with them so Microadventures – Kids: a book for families is a saviour. Storytelling for kids with adventure in it, is always a hit! My boyfrend and I would pick Microadventures – Europe: weekend escapes. We’re far away to run around europen’s cities in traditional way,so we were waiting for that kind of book long time.My personal preference close to my heart would be Bothy Nights: a guide to the finest wild places. I’ve got the one from Cicerone,but I think you would do it more personal and much more stunning visualy.Would you include all of bothies or just the best ones.Are you going to include the trail you cycled throgh? And at last How to be an Adventurer: a practical guide- I know for sure there are people…a lot of people who dream about expedition because they are dreamers.But if they begin to sort and prepare reality for their dreams it’s not easy and they have no idea how to do it in practical way. I mean microadvanture or even advanture is so much easier to organise when you only pack your rucksack nad go with a map. Expedition is total diffrent level with loads of preparations and sponsors involved.I think you are right person to write it in approachable way. Wish you good luck and easy writing whatever you choose!

  5. Voted for bothy book, but nearly went for Europe microadventures but then my global warming/carbon footprint concerns got the better off me. The girl who rowed would be nice idea. As a parent with numerous children’s atlas’s hanging around the house I feel that area of the book shop is already quite saturated. Microadventures for families sound good too.
    Re your blog I love the continued encouragement that small things and big things are achievable, keep chipping away at my fears please ; ).

  6. I loved the fairly local and therefore accessible and environmentally sound aspect of micro-adventures, but I’m not sure a Europe format like you describe – jetting somewhere for a micro-adventure – actually fits the concept. It seems contradictory.

  7. All these books sound amazing and I hope you write them all!!

    However, being from the USA, I am kind of special towards the idea of a USA based microadventures book.

    Also, I would like to know more about your writing process, ect. I’ve been wanting to write a book about my smaller adventures and experiences… But not quite sure how to begin.

    I’ve read all your books and will continue to read others that you write!

  8. All these books sound amazing and I hope you write them all!!

    However, being from the USA, I am kind of parcial towards the idea of a USA based microadventures book.

    Also, I would like to know more about your writing process, ect. I’ve been wanting to write a book about my smaller adventures and experiences… But not quite sure how to begin.

    I’ve read all your books and will continue to read others that you write!

  9. Ale Mambelli Posted

    A practical guide, from you, on “How to be an Adventurer” would actually be a great source of distilled wisdom for whoever, like me, is gathering the courage to make the first step out the door.

    Bothy Nights” also sounds like a great book/guide to have, so tough choice. It’s a cool set of books all around.

  10. I loved the bothy film and a follow up book of landscape photography would be great. I can see Microadventures for families being really popular and I’d bet on that making the most sales. Also love the idea of the girl who sailed the ocean but to be honest, I’d prefer it to be written by Ellen MacArthur or Laura Dekker – maybe I’m being sexist but I value the authenticity of books written from / inspired by experience.

  11. Personally I’d like the Microadventure Europe book but I suspect the families version would get you a bigger audience.

  12. All the book ideas are fantastic. My 4 favourites in order of preference are:
    1 – Microadventures – Kids: a book for families (voted)
    2 – Microadventures – Europe: weekend escapes
    3 – The Girl who Rowed the Ocean
    4 – Microadventures – USA

    I love the concept of Microadventures (and will try 1 when my 7 month old is a little older, hence my voting preference), but I think most people are put off by the thought of doing something so unconventional.

    But a weekend away in Europe somewhere? Well, that involves taking a plane and could therefore be perceived as something more conventional, and therefore, just maybe, might be the stepping stone to try something out of one’s comfort zone further down the line.

    On a separate but related note, is MicroAdventure in the Oxford English Dictionary? I think it should be.

    Good luck!

  13. From a mobile usage standpoint, I’d suggrst that you make the entire sentence Click here to be the first to know…” into a hyperlink. I tried for quite a while to subscribe to your newsletter from my iPhone, but couldn’t make the link work. I came back later from my computer and found that only the word here is the link. It’s hard to tell that from a smartphone.

    Good lcuk and I look forward to reading which ever book you come out with next (unless it’s a children’s book), even if it’s not my first choice-How to be an adventurer.

  14. Liz House Posted

    I voted for The Girl Who Rowed the Ocean as I am always interested in books to inspire my kids. On that note – How To Be An Adventurer/Explorer aimed at kids would be an amazing book… Great to inspire a new generation with a book that actually makes it sound like an achievable dream or even still a career choice!

  15. + 1 for Micro Adventures for Kids – we do plenty with ours but school friends and neighbours think we’re mad as we go outside and even camping in the cold and rain… something showing fun in inclement weather with kids would be useful in proving our sanity, our two love the rain 😉

  16. It was a very difficult choice. I like books that inspire young people but of course I enjoy being inspired also. You could always crack on and write them all. I’m sure I would be one of many interested in purchasing a few of these titles. Good work AH.



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