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Building and Sailing your own Boat

Osbert Lancaster built his own sailboat and set out to gently explore the lochs and bays around his native Edinburgh. You do not need to head round the world to seek out adventure.
Here he explains his adventures using just 20 slides which each scrolled on automatically after 20 seconds: a 400 second adventure.

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  1. A lovely story. I do love the variety on your site, Alistair. How do you find all these people?

  2. I would really recommend watching Across Europe in a Paperboat – 20 minutes of awesomeness!

    Special prize winner in marvelous The Adventurists Film Festival 2011 at Royal Geographical Society, London!
    In a summer of 2010 two fellow travelers Aurimas and Julius roamed 2500km across the Europe in a boat made from 6mm plywood. Expedition started in Lithuania and ended in Belgium becoming the first to complete such route in modern history.

  3. Building your own boat is such a great experience, I can only recommend it to anyone. I have built two skin-on-frame sea kayaks, and they have been a tremendous pleasure to build and paddle. They have been the kickstart for a lot of skills improvements.

    I remember how I was almost panicked before I first took the decision to build a boat (by the way it only takes 7 to 10 days for a skin kayak). Now it seems so stupid, but sometimes in life you really don’t trust yourself enough.

    More on skin kayak building : QajaqUSA.



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