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Chipping away at the Edges of Impossibility Ben Saunders is a pioneering polar explorer and a record-breaking long-distance skier, covering more than 6,000km (3,730 miles) on foot in the polar regions since 2001. Ben’s accomplishments include leading the longest human-powered polar journey in history, a round-trip from […] Read »
An Interview with Martin Hartley The Adventure1000 series is finished now, but I’ve just got a small backlog of interviews to publish. This is a good one. Martin Hartley has an impressive expedition CV. He’s a superb photographer too. I caught up with him to chat […] Read »
To experience, to engage, to endeavour, rather than to watch and to wonder "To experience, to engage, to endeavor, rather than to watch and to wonder - that's where the real meat of life is to be found." Read »
Greenland Photographs Photography from Greenland. Read »
The 10 Greatest Polar Expedition Books What do you think of my choices? Read »
The Tragedy of Svalbard Adventure and exploration are inherently risky and necessarily so without it, they would be nothing. Read »
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