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Recent Posts

I Hate My Job I have just finished three of the most boring, menial, repetitive, pointless days’ work I have done since my days of student jobs. For the first time in many years I kept shoving myself back from my desk and yelling “I […] Read »
Four Seasons of Microadventure Once a season this year I am spending a night out in the same woods. It’s a simple idea: a way to see how the world changes, to measure my own year and make plans, and to experience the outdoors […] Read »
In Search of Adventure I was really privileged recently to travel to Iceland to make a film exploring the lure of adventure and what draws me to seek out challenges in the world’s wild places. It was a joy to work with the teams […] Read »
A Review of Microadventures A review of Microadventures by adventurer Tom Allen: For those familiar with his long-running blog, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that this new offering, published by Harper Collins, is every bit as on the money as his previous books. If you […] Read »
A Simple Expedition Grant I want to flag up a nice, simple expedition grant from Tim Moss which might appeal to you for two reasons. 1: You are planning your first adventure and could do with a small grant to help make it happen. […] Read »
Everybody wants more Adventure in their Life Almost everybody would like more adventure in their life. To enjoy more sunsets, swim in beautiful rivers, cook on campfires and sleep under the stars. Here is how you can do all this, even within your busy life of work, […] Read »
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