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Recent Posts

Night of Adventure is back Here are 12 brilliant adventure stories that you’d enjoy hearing, told by fantastic characters (and me). All these people will be speaking at the next Night of Adventure event in London on March 24th. These charity events have been running for 5 […] Read »
Donate Used Outdoor Clothing to Help the Homeless I’ve just met a truly inspirational lady, and I want to help her. I hope that you will feel the same way. Michelle spends her spare time helping homeless people on the streets of London. She told me tales of […] Read »
A Silent Cry Hope and Homes for Children is an international charity working to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up in the love of a family. Their vision is a world in which children no longer suffer institutional care. Read »
I’m the Daddy Jamie McDonald is a very lovely man. He is genuine, honest, humble and funny. He’s also run 5000 miles across Canada. A good combination for an Adventure1000 interview… Alastair: I think epic is a really tedious and overused word in […] Read »
Night of Adventure If you’re in London next Monday evening you could do a lot worse than heading to Leicester Square for the Night of Adventure. There are loads of really interesting people speaking about their expeditions and adventures. I will be talking […] Read »
England mountains at sunset Big Hex – A climbing microadventure in Scotland Big Hex – A climbing microadventure in Scotland – a Guest Post by Bobby Motherwell. With only a couple of weeks until our intended attempt at the “microadventure” which has become known as Big Hex, the excitement, anticipation and preparation […] Read »
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