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Welcome to my blog! There are 1400 blog posts here, stretching back all the way to 2001. So please use the ‘Search’ button below to search for keywords that interest you, or use the categories below that to browse by blog topic.

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Boneshaker Microadventure magazine article I was delighted with Boneshaker's exhortations for people to take on a microadventure of their own. @boneshakermag Read »
A 4000 Mile Epic Without Leaving Home "a hot shower and a warm duvet at the end of the day makes me a happy cyclist." Read »
Don’t Bother with the whole Sponsorship Thing I was interested in exploring countries, meeting people, exploring cultures, and I wanted as much versatility in my means of transport as possible. #Adventure1000 Read »
Cycling to the Sahara (for less than £1000) Embrace the people you meet, sink your fingernails into the sand, drink the milk dry. One day, all you'll have is stories to remember. Read »
How to Cycle More Safely in Traffic I have spent over 5 years of my life on cycling journeys round the world. I have ridden in cities far more chaotic and dangerous than London. Read »
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