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Welcome to my blog! There are 1400 blog posts here, stretching back all the way to 2001. So please use the ‘Search’ button below to search for keywords that interest you, or use the categories below that to browse by blog topic.

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Do you Wish you had More Time for Adventure? Do you wish you had more time for adventure? Do you struggle to catch up with friends as often as you’d like? Do you have to be back at work by 9am tomorrow morning? If so, then I made this […] Read »
A New Concept in Luxury Hotels Introducing the Microadventure Hotel. #microadventure Read »
A Journey On The Tube I've spent a lot of time, too much time, squashed in the London Underground and wishing I was doing something like this instead. Read »
Career Hierarchy Needless to say, I love this cartoon from Gaping Void. Thank you to the numerous people who sent it to me.       Read »
Around the World in Search of Mullets Is this the most epic expedition of recent years? No. Read »
Cycling to the Ashes The first talk from the Night of Adventure: Oli Broom cycled to watch England whup the Aussies at cricket. Read »
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