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Recent Posts

Photo Friday essay: Himalayan cycling 15 months cycling across the largest mountain range on Earth. Read »
Photo Friday essay: A Canine Ride Through Romania Once upon a time, my husband and I (writes Tara) cycled through Romania. Along the way, we fell in love with the remoteness of its mountains   and the generosity of the kind folk who lived in its small villages.   Perhaps most of […] Read »
Photo Friday essay – the contrasting experiences of long distance bike travel Here are six different areas that have provided plenty of variety over the 15,000km that we've cycled so far. Read »
Guest Photo Story: Riding through France Sunny photos from a bike ride. Guaranteed to make you smile! Read »
Guest Photo Post: Cycling to India Andy Welch shares some memories and musings from his ride from England to Asia. 1. After sleeping poorly in a dusty, disused hut on the coastal hillside I was eager to get out of the place. I climbed further up […] Read »
Hitchhiking to Malaysia On July 11th 2008, Steve Dew-Jones and Will Jackson set off from their home in Salisbury, England, with only one thing in mind:HITCHHIKING TO MALAYSIA. This is the story of a journey that spanned the length of EUROPE, the MIDDLE […] Read »
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