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How does it make you feel that your life peaked a decade ago? “If one more fat cigar smoker blows smoke in my face and yells at me, “What was it really like up there?” I think I may bury my fist in his flabby gut; I have *had it* with the same […] Read »
How We Learn to get Good at Stuff This is not a post about photography. Sure, it describes how I learned to take good photographs*, but it’s actually about how we learn to do anything. It’s a formula for getting good at stuff. I decided I wanted to […] Read »
I Hate My Job I have just finished three of the most boring, menial, repetitive, pointless days’ work I have done since my days of student jobs. For the first time in many years I kept shoving myself back from my desk and yelling “I […] Read »
A Simple Expedition Grant I want to flag up a nice, simple expedition grant from Tim Moss which might appeal to you for two reasons. 1: You are planning your first adventure and could do with a small grant to help make it happen. […] Read »
Microadventure T-shirts: any size, any colour. Special Offer! And get 50% off the price of a Microadventures Book. Offer lasts for one week only! Read »
The Youth of Today My observations about kids in Britain. Read »
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