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The Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Depressing reading

Continuing an occasional series of depressing statistics:

  • There are 11 million obese children in America
  • Overweight children are often bullied from as early as 3 years old

I’m actually too depressed to list any more of the stats from this article. You can read the whole article here. It’s just all so obvious: increase junk food, decrease exercise and you get problems…

  • 90% of us do not feel that our current job is our vocation
  • 60% do insufficient physical activity or are overweight
  • 54% would like to take time out for an adventure or to travel
  • 40% have not stood on a mountain or swum in natural water
  • This Needs To Change.
    Start Here.
    Challenge yourself with a microadventure.
    Challenge someone else to join you.
    Offer them some encouragement.

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    1. I agree, utterly depressing… how can two ends of the age spectrum throw up such contrasting stories in one weekend?

    2. I agree. It is quite disgusting reading those stats all the time. We need to educate parents and grandparents more on healthy eating and exercise for the kids. We as parents need to be an example for our kids and model healthy living.



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