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Depressing Statistic #1

Depressing reading
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The average child now spends around 8 hours each day online/texting/playing computer games/listening to MP3s.
This figure has risen by 90 minutes since 2005…

This is the first in a regular series of depressing statistics I have been sent by reader Jim Hardy in response to my manifesto for 2011. I hope that they provide some food for thought.

  • 90% of us do not feel that our current job is our vocation
  • 60% do insufficient physical activity or are overweight
  • 54% would like to take time out for an adventure or to travel
  • 40% have not stood on a mountain or swum in natural water
  • This Needs To Change. Start Here. Now. Challenge yourself with a microadventure. Challenge someone else to join you. Offer them some encouragement.

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    1. Sambhram Patel Posted

      As bad as the situation is,the ‘missing of homework’ shouldn’t be a bad thing.Doing homework is just as bad as any of those other activities(assuming its the usual mind-numbing innovation lacking stuff).Considering the state of education in the world which aims at giving out degrees and churning out worker drones instead of an individual focussed education.We have arrived at a stage where the P.E(Physical Education/Sports/Games) period is something that kids look forward to so they can play multiplayer games on their little gizmos.


    2. Thanks Al for putting these up! At least kids are playing computer games and not just watching TV. Concentrating on games uses 4 times more calories that just sitting… TV’s for wimps 🙂

      I do, however, have to admit that I think the new Ipad is pretty cool!

    3. Perhaps during those hours spent listening to MP3s, the youth of Britain are also out jogging? Eight hours’ running a day is pretty good for a kid…

    4. Rob Chambers Posted

      Bugger. Apart from the child part I can tick most of those boxes.

      8 hours a day online… me. (work)
      # 90% of us do not feel that our current job is our vocation – Me.
      # 60% do insufficient physical activity or are overweight – I do plenty of physical activity, but take too much pleasure from Pies, Beer, etc. so overweight.
      # 54% would like to take time out for an adventure or to travel. Me, though surely everyone does?

      When I started reading i thought “outrageous!” and now I feel a little sheepish and guilty…



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