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An Evening of Endurance

On the evening of 2 February 2012, a collection of adventurers will assemble, at the Royal Geographic Society to take part in “An Evening of Endurance”. Each adventurer will entertain the audience for 15-20 minutes with their individual tales from epic journeys undertaken over mountains, oceans, deserts, ice caps and the world’s longest rivers.

The evening is in aid of the Light Dragoons Colonel’s Appeal which is raising money for soldiers badly injured and families bereaved during recent operations in Afghanistan. What makes the evening extra special is that all the adventurers have a military link – many have served or are still serving in the Army.

Speakers include:-

CAPTAIN GUY DISNEY A record breaking dash to the North Pole.
Guy lost his leg in battle in Afghanistan. Despite his injury, Guy trekked with 3 other wounded servicemen to the North Pole. Their effort broke records and was covered by a BBC documentary – ‘Harry’s Arctic Heroes’.

COLONEL EWEN CAMERON 436 miles on horseback in three and a half days.
Ewen rode on horseback from London to Edinburgh – retracing the journey made in 1603 by the messenger who carried the news to James I that Elizabeth I had died.

CAPTAIN JAMES KAYLL 75 days at sea
Afghanistan veteran James recently rowed the Indian ocean along with 3 crewmates. His adventure included swimming with a whale and a near-miss with an ocean liner. Their boat became the first fours boat to ever cross the Indian Ocean unsupported. James has just been officially recognised as the first person to both row and sail across the Indian Ocean

CAPTAIN (retd) ED STAFFORD 860 days walking the Amazon
Ed Stafford is the first known man to walk the length of the Amazon river from the source to the sea. No-one had ever attempted it before and everyone said that it couldn’t be done…

Lucy (daughter and granddaughter of army officers) became the first European woman to complete the 4 Desert Challenge in one calendar year. It comprised a series of seven-day, 250-kilometer (155 mile) self-supported races across the largest and most forbidding deserts on Earth, with competitors carrying their own equipment, food and clothes.

Earlier this year Geordie stood at the summit of Mt Everest as the youngest Briton to climb the 7 highest peaks in the world. Geordie is still only a student and plans to join the Army on completion of his studies.

A senior serving officer who has been at the helm of much of what has gone on in Afghanistan in the past two years, has adventured on horse back in some of the most remote parts of the globe.

CAPTAIN (retd) GEOFFREY STANFORD Lessons from Everest
Geoffrey has led climbing expeditions to some of the world’s highest mountains, including to the summit of Mount Everest. His most recent expedition was an attempt to climb Lhotse, the technically challenging, fourth highest mountain in the world.

Buy tickets for this exciting, worthwhile event here:“An Evening of Endurance”

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