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Experiments in print publishing

There Are Other Rivers

Deciding to self publish my latest book meant that I had the freedom to innovate and experiment.
As well as a normal book, I also decided to create a mappazine, a Kindle book, a coffee table book and an iPad book. I ran out of time to make the audio book, but I’ll do it when I get back from rowing the Atlantic in March.
In this video interview with Joanna (@thecreativepenn) from The Creative Penn I discuss my experiments in print publishing. I hope you find it interesting.
If you own a Kindle, or have the Kindle app on your phone, please can I ask you to download the free sample chapters from There Are Other Rivers? Just click here.

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  1. I think experimenting with multiple ways of printing can open up a lot of opportunities. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well done on getting the book out there. I really enjoyed the mappazine but one big question which isn’t answered with the video interview with Joanna ‘is there any money in printed books for the self publisher?’

    • The short answer (for I leave in 6 hours to row the Atlantic and have not packed) is “yes”.
      The slightly longer answer is “yes, if you have a way of reaching an audience…”

    • Hi Nick,
      I’ll answer for Alastair since he is a little busy right now 🙂

      Print books for the self-publisher seem to work best if you have a physical platform to sell them – so for Al, he has speaking gigs at which he can sell physical books (and maps) at the back of the room.

      I am also an indie publisher but I have found print basically breaks-even – in that I price my print on demand books as low as possible so I don’t make much money on them – I also don’t sell very many. So for me, print is almost a vanity product. I am currently making a decision whether to bother with print at all for my novels since I sell 97% ebooks.

      So basically it differs depending on the author’s platform. I hope that helps!
      Thanks, Joanna



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