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Film Endorsements

It’s always fantastic to hear from people who have enjoyed our film, Into The Empty Quarter. If you’ve watched it, please do pop your thoughts online using the hashtag #IntoTheEmptyQuarter.
Here’s a few endorsements we’ve received about it:

  • “I thought, ‘they have got to be joking’… it’s beautifully done… there was a real sense of joy. And challenge” — The Daily Telegraph

  • “Epic scenes…I can’t believe you guys dragged your cart!” – Ben Fogle’s cameraman in ‘Ben and James vs The Arabian Desert

  • “Wilfred could only have applauded your courage and endurance.” – Alexander Maitland, Wilfred Thesiger’s biographer and friend

  • “Modern adventurers put cart before the camel in ‘crazy’ desert crossing” – CNN







  • A beautifully shot film of a bravely executed journey. Brings Thesiger’s journey bang up to date — laughs, tears and all. The most pointless adventure I’ve ever had the pleasure of following. — Tom Allen, award-winning film-maker

  • I have just watched the film and am now smiling inside remembering the sunsets and toil and dust of the Gobi desert when I pedalled across in 2011. I loved it all – the journey, the film, the chat on what you were seeing and how you were feeling and what it all meant to you both. It was beautifully shot and put together too. – Sarah Outen MBE, Adventurer

  • I’m pausing at minute 37 to tell you HOW MUCH I AM ENJOYING THIS FILM!!! I have laughed out loud so many times, right from my gut.  The truth(s) you both express are sooo funny, universal and analogous to everyone’s life journey. It’s so close to home. I can’t wait for my husband and sons to watch it with me a second time later today.
    I adore your shonky cart.
    The cinematography is exceptional.
    — a satisfied customer in Golden Colorado

  • Just watched your film and wanted you to know how extraordinary and inspiring I found it. What moved me to tears was something that runs through all your books and is brought home in this film, the absolute connectedness of people and the almost oneness of us all, no matter the country and no matter the seeming difficulty in communication.
    I feel this is a very important film and you guys did an excellent job. I will do all I can to promote it and I look forward to the next one with eager anticipation.
    Huge huge well done to you both. It is our behaviour as human beings, and not what we say, that inspires.
    – email from a viewer

  • You can watch the trailer of our film here, and then watch the whole film here.

    Watch the film now!

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    1. Loved the film Alastair, really nice to see the people that you met there and how welcome they made you.
      Some day…



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