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Hitchhiking to Malaysia

On July 11th 2008, Steve Dew-Jones and Will Jackson set off from their home in Salisbury, England, with only one thing in mind:HITCHHIKING TO MALAYSIA.

This is the story of a journey that spanned the length of EUROPE, the MIDDLE EAST and SOUTHEAST ASIA, abiding by two simple rules:

1. Never pay for transport

2. Never refuse an offer

Leaving families, friends and loved ones behind, their beady eyes staring at the map, they embarked on a discovery of great kindness and warmth in a world where mischief and trouble are always around the corner.

Here is their story, told by Steve at the London Night of Adventure

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  1. Unbelievable. I think my wife and I briefly met these two (three?) over breakfast in the Hotel Mashhad in Tabriz, Iran, while we were cycling through in September ’08. Good work guys, nice to hear you made it!

    • Hi Tom,

      Yes, I remember meeting you. Indeed, we did make it and it was a wonderful trip. You would have met us at the time when we were hitching with a random Korean guy and an Iranian that we met, so there were four of us!

      Hope all’s well with you both.




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