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How to Make your Adventure Happen

What do you need to know?

Here’s how to make an adventure happen:

  1. Work out what adventure you want to have.
  2. Work out how much money you need to make it happen.
  3. Save up that amount of money (plus as much extra as you can manage – adventures always go over budget).
  4. Work out how to make time in your life for the adventure.
  5. Acquire any skills / fitness necessary to make your adventure happen.
  6. Sort out the equipment you need.
  7. Get your head round the logistics of the adventure (visas, permits, seasons, communication).
  8. Decide whether you want to share your adventure with the world or keep it to yourself (maybe read this post too).
  9. Begin.

I can help you with all of these phases.

I’m calling it #Adventure1000.

#Adventure1000 is my attempt to attract people who currently enjoy passively reading about adventures and convert them to someone who is actually out there in the world’s wild places doing something amazing.

I want to make exciting adventures such as these accessible to everyone who reads my website: cycling to Africa, crossing Iceland from coast to coast, riding a train across India, rafting or swimming the River Tagus or walking across Patagonia. A year from now you could be doing any of these…

So let’s get started.

  1. Let me know

    (in the comments section) what help you need to make your dream adventure happen. What’s the mental hurdle that’s holding you back? What do you need to learn? What do you need to do?

  2. Start saving.

    The plan for #Adventure1000 is to begin saving today. Saving £20 a week (or a sum suitable for you) will accumulate into £1000 in a year. That’s easily enough money to do something epic! Here is a simple guide to setting up a weekly Standing Order into a dedicated adventure fund. It takes 15 minutes to do and then you just forget about it as the money mounts up. Do it now.

  3. Sign up

    for the Adventure 1000 newsletter. I’ll send a free weekly email with everything you need to know to make your adventure happen. (Don’t worry if you don’t want to sign up – you can still follow everything here on this blog or via the #Adventure1000 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll pop it all on the Adventure1000 Facebook Page too so please ‘Like’ that page).

Make your adventure happen. Save money. Dream big. Have the Adventure of a lifetime for just £1000 (or $1000, €1000 or ¥1000).


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  1. A very big question is ‘How to get this one past the girlfriend’, when £1000 saved could be spent on a family holiday which she would obviously much rather prefer and secondly how to approach the question of a week or more away galavanting around the world having fun without them?

    May seem trivial questions on an adventure site but very valid for an everyday, everyman, wannabe adventurer. Any advice appreciated on this one. P.S. my #adventure100 account is set up but don’t tell her!

    • Got a similar problem too….got my finances together, got my plan sorted. The hard part is how to tell my girlfriend that I intend to quit my job and disappear for 3 months.
      Tomorrow is the big day, when I give her the news….dealing with a pissed off girlfriend is always going to be the hardest part of any adventure.

  2. I told my wife looooong ago, before we got serious, I’d be doing these sort of things. So when the day comes, and she’s not all that happy about it, I gently remind her that “I told you this was part of the deal and you happily agreed”. Now she even helps me plan for the next one. I think she likes knowing what she can do to make me happy. Hmm… I’ve found knowing of each other’s expectations and goals generally helps in relationships. I better stop writing here before I turn into Dr. Phil…
    Let us know how it worked out Alan, and what you’re up to.

  3. The part I really struggle with is fitness/motivation. I’m not an unfit person, but I’m nowhere near the level I should be to achieve the adventure I want, and my attempts at getting fit are pretty sporadic, at best.
    What would you recommend to get over those hurdles? I know there’s a certain amount of harden the * up, but do you have any other tips and ways to integrate fitness into everyday, hectic life? How to resist the lure of the couch, etc?

  4. Santhana Posted

    good morning
    i am from india.
    I don’t know how to get this money even this small amount .
    please tell For this
    * i am now doing post graduate. 3months only to go For completed. After this,
    what to do next ?
    I want to become an adventurer . my inspiration is you . and I feel I have no health power to ride a bicycle to around the India atleast.
    please give some words

  5. Glenn Phillips Posted

    Hello Alastair! I’ve been a follower of your site for a while now until today when I stumbled upon Adventure1000. I’m off to college in a few months, I’m only going for 2 years to gather up some useful knowledge on a few things, than I’m off to adventuring. I’ve never trekked anywhere before. I used to be in boyscouts so I know about the whole camping ordeal, but for the longest time I’ve been afraid to travel. I’ve never left my continent (United States), and I never get outdoors. I sit indoors all day and dream of being outdoors. Money isn’t an issue, because I’m saving a lot of money by not going to a big school, and I’m living at home, but I don’t have any equipment (I don’t know what equipment to get, I’ve checked Patagonia and other places) but I want to go on adventures like you do! I want to cross Iceland, taking my camera with me, taking beautiful shots. Another problem of mine is languages, I only speak english, and a little spanish, what languages did you need to know in order to get around all of the continents and how did you learn them? I’ll ask another question sometime soon, but I think learning languages, getting in shape, and getting equipment and a really nice pack that can follow me for months at a time is my priority. I’ve got 2 years to plan. Thanks a lot!

    • Alastair Posted

      Hi Glenn,
      Good luck!
      I think learning languages, getting in shape, and saving up is your priority. (And signing up for the Adventure1000 newsletter).

  6. Thanks to your motivation and my growing desire for adventuring (I’m quite happy to adventure locally for now, aka The UK), my boyfriend and I have just come back from a six day road trip to Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland. We live in Kent. The castle featured in a magazine and I wanted to see it in real life. So we did! Best decision I ever made and about £160 each for an amazing time (and we walked/visited part of the Cuillin range on Isle of Skye). Thanks for the inspiration to get up and GO!



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