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Into The Empty Quarter World Premiere

After a lot of hard work, my first film is ready at last!

Into The Empty Quarter is the story of the 1000 mile walk that Leon and I took last year, inspired by the great adventurer Wilfred Thesiger.

Here is the trailer for our film:

The film will be available in time for Christmas, as a DVD and a HD digital download.
If you’d like to be notified when it is available, please pop your email address here:

We are really excited that the premiere of our full-length film is taking place this Saturday evening at the Royal Geographical Society in London – the spiritual home of British adventure for hundreds of years.
Wilfred Thesiger himself won the RGS’s Gold Medal and his name is up there, in gold leaf, on the wall of the magnificent auditorium where the film is to be screened. It’s a wonderful place to watch a film (and then drink a beer or two at the bar afterwards).

If you’d like a couple of free tickets for this event, simply Retweet the Tweet below or ‘Like’ this post via the Facebook button below. Winners will be drawn at random and notified on Friday.

Empty Quarter desert

Watch the film now!
Into The Empty Quarter is available as a DVD, an HD Download, or a DVD and Download bundle. Running Length: 52 minutes.

  • HD Download

    Introductory Offer – £5.99 [RRP £10]

  • DVD and HD Download bundle

    BEST DEAL Introductory Offer – £9.99 [RRP £20]

  • Get the DVD plus a FREE HD digital download. Region free — plays in all territories.
    PLEASE NOTE: you will receive the download code shortly, but not immediately.

    Price: £9.99. Choose Total + Postage option below:

  • DVD

    Introductory Offer – £9.99 [RRP £14]

  • Get the DVD to keep and share with friends and family. Region free — plays in all territories.

    Price: £9.99. Choose Total + Postage option below:

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    1. That trailer looks amazing. Can’t wait to see the whole movie!



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