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Microadventure Facebook Groups


I don’t want the idea of “microadventure” to become formulaic. So long as people are getting out into the wild – hiking, climbing, riding, swimming, running, sleeping – then that’s all that really matters.

Having said that, one of the main aspect of microadventures is making it easier for people to get out of their routines and into the wild.

For many people, being able to ask someone’s advice (where to go, what to take), seek a little encouragement, or even find other like-minded people to meet up with, could be very useful. And local knowledge, local friends beats everything else.

Therefore I have been encouraging keen microadventure folk to start Facebook Groups for microadventures in their area.

These will be a place where you can ask for advice, share your stories and hatch plans apart from the main Facebook Microadventures page. There’s nothing “official” about them – other than encouraging them they are nothing to do with me. (Mind you, what’s “official” about heading into the wild anyway?!)

So people can make them work however is best for them.

As always with community projects, success depends upon participation and engagement.

So, if  you enjoy microadventures, and particularly if you are going to have a go at the Year of Microadventure Challenge, please can I ask you to join a group if there is one local to you?

The list is below.

Join a group, say hello, ask for help, give help if you can…

[apologies for ugly links: this list is evolving quickly so this is the simplest way for me to keep on top of it for now]

  1. Argyll and Bute
  2. Berkshire
  3. Brighton and Sussex
  4. Bristol
  5. Cardiff
  6. Cornwall
  7. Derbyshire
  8. Dorset & New Forest
  9. East Midlands
  10. Edinburgh
  11. Essex (Thanet)
  12. Glasgow
  13. Gloucester
  14. Hampshire
  15. Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire
  16. Highlands
  17. Kerry
  18. Lake District and Cumbria
  19. Lancashire
  20. London
  21. Manchester
  22. Medway
  23. Norfolk
  24. North Yorkshire
  25. Northumberland
  26. Nottinghamshire
  27. Oxford
  28. Pembrokeshire – can’t find link
  29. Somerset
  30. South Yorkshire
  31. Suffolk
  32. Surrey
  33. Wales
  34. West Midlands
  35. West Yorkshire
  36. Wiltshire
  37. Worcestershire – can’t find link

Groups not in the UK

  1. Austria
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Kerry
  4. Netherlands
  5. New York State
  6. New Zealand
  7. Oregon
  8. North Rhine-Westphalia

If there is not a group for the area you live in, would you consider starting one for where you are?

You do not need to be an expert at all – that does not matter one bit. We just need to make spaces (virtual ones) in which similar people can gather. That’s all there is to it.

It’s easy to do. You can engage as much or as little as you like. You can run it however you like – or not do anything at all once you’ve set it up. In other words, it’s not a big hassle. So please do consider doing it!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Start a new Facebook Group for your area (here’s how to do that) – it’s very quick to do.
  • Add a description – area covered, what you think the group’s purpose might be etc.
  • Tell all your local friends who might be interested in joining.
  • Share a link on the Microadventures main Facebook page. Stick it on Twitter, if you use that. Be sure to add the #microadventure hashtag. Add it to the comments on this blog too, if you like.
  • I’ll then see it online and will help you share it to a wider audience.
  • Do fun stuff.

That’s it!

These groups have come about by people telling me what would be helpful to make it easier for them to get out into the wild. Please do let me know in the comments below anything else I could do to make this all work better.

Then get out there and do something fun!

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  1. I’m still utterly delighted with the whole idea of microadventuring. Thanks for bringing it to the masses!

  2. Hi, Ive just added a new group covering West Berkshire and the surrounding areas (as were close to the hants / wilts and Oxon borders)

  3. Captivating photo, where was it taken?

  4. Hi Alastair – after your talk at RGS in Hong Kong a year ago, I started a Hong Kong Microadventures Meetup group. There have since been 52 meetups (everything from camping, hiking, running, swimming) and there are over 1500 members. It’s a great concept! Link:

  5. Hi, I just created Perthshire Microadventure group

    Exciting 🙂

  6. Jules de Campigneulles Posted

    Hi Alastair,

    We are a group of students who created a Microadventure facebook group (
    in Lausanne, Switzerland. We have been camping 20 minutes away from our school to go to class in the morning since February (Igloo, snowstorm, we’ve had it all !) we now have a microadventure at least twice a month, trying to bring new people aboard every time. Thank you so much for the inspiration !!


  7. Mateusz Posted

    Greetings, fellow Microadventurers;) Really ejoy reading this blog. We’ve set up a local Microadventures group for Poland.

  8. Maria Rømer Posted

    Denmark Microadventures on Facebook 🙂



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