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pony brompton
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  1. Looking forward to seeing this one! A commuter bike in the Shetlands? I like it!

    • I did worry that this was turning into a silly, gimmick trip, but Bromptons really do work bloody well on packrafts! (Not so well on big uphills though)

  2. Tom Roberts Posted

    Matey, your getting really good at the video editing now. Well done to you and to Jo. Good on ya!

  3. puffin!!!!

    • Even though I am a seasoned professional and ooze testosterone from every pore, all I can say is
      I completely agree with you! I was so chuffed to see puffins. They look better than they taste…

  4. Alastair,
    I really am amazed how you keep thinking up these trips. Your Microadventure Year is really going to inspire a lot of people.
    I have travelled a lot but I have never been to Shetland to my shame. It looks gorgeous in your beautiful little clip.
    I’m definitely looking forward to reading about it all tomorrow. Nice plug 😉

  5. I’m going to have to stop reading your site Al. I can’t handle the jealousy.



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