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Microadventure – What Do You Need To Know?

I have been speaking about microadventures to loads of people over the last few months. The general consensus amongst people who have never really been on expeditions is this:

I love the concept. I’d love to do something like this for myself. But…

This ‘but’ is the part I am interested in. Does it apply to you?

Would you love to wake up on a mountain top, sleep on an island or cycle to the sea for a night but don’t know how to begin?

I’d like to give you a helping hand.

What is stopping you?

Is it lack of kit, not knowing how to find somewhere wild close to where you live, uncertainty about the legality of wild camping, fear of being shouted at by an angry farmer, or not having a clue where to poo?

Do you need to find someone to go with, need convincing that you can have an adventure even on a work night or need some advice on the difference between a Thermarest and thermal undies?

Please let me know what you need to know. I’m going to help.

Please fill in the very quick survey below (or here). Fill in as much or as little as you wish. Or get in touch via email, Twitter or the new Microadventures Facebook page.
And maybe you’d like to volunteer to join me on a microadventure?!

It doesn’t matter how small an issue it is – if it’s the hurdle that is stopping you getting out there then let me know!

“¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!”

howies microadventure

The Caveman Diaries

Sea kayaking in Wales

howies microadventure

Tiny sea otter pool

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  1. I think the idea of an event / system that helps you find new people to go on microadventures with sounds very interesting indeed and I hope something comes of the idea as I can see some great potential in it. Interesting to see where that one leads.

  2. Sam Clifford Posted

    Al, I can see a whole new forum based http://www.UKMicroadventures evolving before my eyes. A place where people can get advice, hook up with other microadventurers (is that a new noun?) see adverts about lightweight kit etc etc!
    PS Bought “There are other rivers” at the Plymouth College talk you gave last Autumn – a very lovely, gentle book, thank you 🙂

  3. Love the word, microadventure! It makes me want to go out camping now! Keep up the good work!

  4. Alex Knill Posted

    I agree with everything said in this article. It really can be just the desire to get out there that drives an micro adventure. My school had to postpone the Gold DofE I supervise last weekend because of the snow. As a result of having a few free evenings, I packed the bivvi bag and headed off into local woodland. Hot bourbon biscuits and custard before bed and tea made with melted snow in the morning before heading home. Perfect!

  5. Adventures – get out there ‘inhale & live!’ :o}

  6. Everyday I sit on the train to work and watch the countryside go by and look oh so longingly at the woods, the woods, we gotta get into the woods!

  7. Steven Posted

    For those with young kids, even a walk with the dog can be turned into a micro adventure by packing a stove and stuff to make hot drinks. All you then need is encourage their natural instinct to explore, boulders are mountains, small burns massive rivers etc. As an adult their sense of wonder helps restore your perspective. Kids love helping plan and organise adventures as well. Perhaps another theme to be explored?



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