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Mum’s gone to Iceland.

No, she hasn’t really.
But I am off to Iceland tomorrow. Not the nasty frozen food shop, but the land of the now-famous volcano.

Bush fire

And I can’t wait! I’m really excited about this expedition. Jumping around with excitement.

Jump: a self portrait

I had worried about the prospect of being on top of a remote glacier far from a TV with England playing in a world cup final.
But in hindsight I shouldn’t have really worried.

Jumping shadow

My original packrafting partner, Andy, has unfortunately not recovered from a knee injury in time to come along.

Planning the next adventure

Training in the Brecon Beacons

We had a great time on our last trip together – crossing Scotland by foot and packraft. But I’ve had to recruit a new mate for Iceland.

lost for words

No, not him (sadly). A friend of mine called Chris.

Around Lake Alakol

That’s not him either (sadly), though it’s his picture. Chris is an excellent photographer and a good friend. I met him when I turned up bedraggled on his doorstep in Almaty, Kazakhstan a few years ago.


Now we’re teaming up to cross Iceland together.
The plan is simple:

Planning a journey

We will walk from the coast to the Hofsjökull glacier. Cross the glacier and find the source of Iceland’s longest river.
Then we inflate the packrafts and paddle to the sea.

Across Scotland by foot and packraft - The End

The reality is likely to be more complicated than that, of course. But that’s the appeal, isn’t it?

There’ll be no roads or resupplies.

Now that's a road

Just us, our tent, and our rafts.

Camping on the plains of Turkey

Like I said: I can’t wait.

Jumping into the sea at sunset. Using the self timer

I’m afraid there won’t be any blogs or photos being beamed out.

No coffee no workee

We’re going low-tech to try to reduce the weight of our packs which are going to be stupidly heavy already holding a month’s food and equipment.

marathon des sables

So until August I’ll leave you with these photos of our Scottish trial run back in January.

And this video.

Panic ye not: I have written enough blog posts to keep the site ticking over until August.

Tea break

Thank you for all your support and encouragement on the new-look site in the last few months.

Thank you

I’m looking forward to sharing all the photos and Canon 5D Mkii / GoPro HD videos when we get back.

See you!

Homecoming. Or goodbye?

And why not try out some of these other sites while I am away – all well worth a look:

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  1. I would really like to see Iceland one day! Splendid pictures!!!

  2. Have a great time Al! Wish I could go with you.

  3. Clive Rogers Posted

    Good Luck with the trip Al, look forward to reading about it when you get back.

  4. Good luck!. Please could you bring back a Vienetta and some frozen party food?

  5. You call yourself a motivational speaker, however I would questin how motivating it is for employees of Iceland Foods when you label it a ‘nasty’ store. Just because it’s not for you, doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for lots of others. Just a thought…

  6. Great post Al. Hope your rucksack research pays off. Good luck!

  7. Great post! Love the many pictures. Have a great time–sounds like an interesting adventure!

  8. Cool photo essay, and happy travels!

  9. lilalia Posted

    Long time reader and fan of your blog, first time commenter. I wish you and Chris many exciting adventures and warm wishes for a safe return. May the winds be fair and the conversation enlightening.



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