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Night of Adventure

A fabulous variety of adventurous souls are gathering to share their experiences of adventure with a live audience in London on March 11th in support of Hope and Homes for Children. This is the 10th (ish) Night of Adventure and I hope you’ll come along. If you have been before I hope you enjoyed it enough to not need my hard sell and you will just buy your tickets here!
Each speaker will be limited to just 20 slides, which will be shown on the enormous cinema screen to accompany their tales. The challenge for the speakers is that each slide will scroll forward automatically after just 20 seconds.

Speakers include Mike Hall, who obliterated the round the world cycle record in 2012 taking 91 days to cover 18,000 miles, and adventurer Ian Packham, who became the first person to travel solo and unsupported round Africa by public transport. Other speakers joining in to celebrate the spirit of adventure in all its guises range from a man who rowed the Atlantic single handed, to an urban explorer, to another who climbed the infamous Dragon’s Horn in Malaysia and a girl who used to be a cycle courier but now is writing one of the best travel blogs on the net. Oh, and someone who drove round the world in a London taxi.

Whether you are interested in global adventure, pushing the limits of what is possible, or simply seeking out adventure closer to home, there will be something of interest to you.

The full line-up

Click on the name of each speaker below to visit their website and find out more about their voyages and adventures.

Arita Baaijens
David Burns
Paul Archer
Emily Chappell
Mike Hall @normally_human
Bradley Garrett @Goblinmerchant
Ian Packham @ianMpackham
Dylan Winter
Lev Wood @Secret_Compass
Matthew Traver @MatthewTraver
Tommy Tippetts @TommyTippetts
Simon Hood @bicyclekicks
Brian Thompson
Alastair Humphreys

Like our Facebook Page to be the first to hear about updates to the line-up and check out our audio slideshows or follow the speakers on Twitter to get a sneak peak of what’s in store.

Doors to ‘Night of Adventure’ open at 6.30pm with the first talk at 7pm. Tickets must be purchased in advance using the form below or by calling 01722 790111. The price includes admission to the cinema’s VIP lounge and bar.

Tickets will be dispatched within a few days of the order being received. Tickets purchased on or after Wednesday 6 March will be available for collection on the door on the night.

So, please do come along!

You can buy your tickets here – £20 each and all the money goes to Hope and Homes for Children.

Be quick: these events always sell out.

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