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Do a Handful of Excellent Things

I came across the work ofJonathan Harris ages ago through his wonderful Whale Hunt storytelling experiment. It is a website I often return to when I’m trying to hatch an imaginative plan.

Today though I want to share something from his fantastic photo a day project.

I really wanted to flag up these wise words. They’re pretty important:

You will become known for doing what you do. This may sound obvious, but it is a useful thing to realize. Many people seem to think they must endure a “rite of passage” which, once passed, will allow them to do the kind of work they want to do. Then they end up disappointed that this day never comes. Find a way to do the work you want to do, even if it means working nights and weekends. Once you’ve done a handful of excellent things in a given way, you will become known as the person who does excellent things in that given way. And that’s the person you want to be, because then people will hire you to be that person.

As some of you may know I took a photo a day in 2009 and it was one of the most rewarding creative things I have done. It certainly made me better as a photographer, and it is a great record of my year. Even now I can remember every single day when I look through the photos.

Why not try it yourself, if only for a week or a month?

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  1. Yes, I like this idea of a photo every day, here’s what I’ve done so far:




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