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Pro Bono


During Alastair’s travels he has interacted with many diverse cultures. He has also had the good fortune to explore a variety of pristine natural environments around the globe.

These experiences have highlighted to Alastair the need to take action to support developing communities and conserve the environment.

Alastair has therefore decided to focus on donations of time and money as well as minimising his own impact on the environment. Specifically, Alastair has formalised his commitment with the following approaches:

  1. 5% of annual profit donated to charities, not-for-profits and similar organisations.
  2. Travel using non-air public transport whenever practical.
  3. Offset carbon emissions from all air travel.
  4. 10% of Alastair’s talks will be given free of charge to charities for fundraising events, not-for-profit organisations and similar organisations.

If you would like to add your group to the waiting list for one of Alastair’s pro bono talks please contact us here, providing relevant information about the planned event.

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