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Reading recommendations

I always like to receive suggestions of good books to read. So I was delighted when Ian ‘Tomo’ Thompson sent me this really detailed list. Should keep me busy for a while – very motivational!

Wild trails to far horizons – Mike Cudahy
Running the Himalaya – Richard and Adrian Crane
Feet in the Clouds – Richard Askwith
Running High – Hugh Symonds
Survival of the fittest – Mike Stroud
Any non-fiction by Ranulph Fiennes
Rosie Swale Pope – Just a little run around the world
Why we run – Bernd Heinrich

Mountains / Adventure
The worst journey in the world – Apsley Cherry Gerrard
Psychovertical – Andy Kirkpatrick
The Boardman Tasker Omnibus – Pete Boardman /Joe Tasker
Anything written by the mountaineer Joe Tasker
A subscription to Alpinist magazine
Clear Waters Rising – Nicholas Crane
Anything written by Wilfred Thesiger
Anything written by John Ridgway
Danziger’s Travels / Danziger’s Adventures – Nick Danziger
The Canoe Boys – Sir Alastair Dunnett
The last blue mountain – Ralph Barker

The best book still to be written
The autobiography of Scott Jurek. A runner of unmatched ability, talent and silence.

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  1. Chris Younghusband Posted

    This is a brilliant list – just what I need for my summer holidays. Maybe I’ll have to read this instead of one of your books! Ha – only juoking mate!
    Chris (in NZ)

  2. yeah – it’s a pretty tantalising list to get stuck into. Have you got any recommendations to add?

  3. Great list, will definite check out some of them. I like “Running through the wall – Personal encounters with the ultramarathon” by Neal Jamison. It made me start run ultras.

  4. Clarissa Stewart Posted

    As some of your fan base must surely include parents, there is a fantastic book we read to our 4 year old last night. “Ponko and the South Pole” is the most amazing story about a toy penguin and teddy that have to get the South Pole. They don’t know what the Great Emptiness is but they have to get there. When they have given up all hope of ever making it, snowstorms, falling down into icy caverns, Sid Skua the bird appears and takes them there. But wait… the book includes photos taken 100 years ago of the actual toy penguin and teddy that accompanied the explorer Scott. Written by Meredith Hooper. It came out in 2004.



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