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night hill

A series of Microadventure challenges to build your confidence


A few questions I have been pondering:

  • How can I inspire people to build their own habit of adventure?
  • How can people learn useful and necessary skills away from the structure of organised outdoor training?
  • How can people practice these skills until they are confident enough to roam further and tackle bigger challenges?
  • How can I help eager but nervous newcomers do their own microadventures without actually taking those people up a hill myself?

I’ve come up with a step-by-step list of challenges that I hope will help more people begin tackling independent microadventures. I’ve started small, with outings that almost anyone can do in order to build up skills and confidence. My aim is to build enthusiasm and competence in a safe way, with minimal time or financial outlays. 

Can you tick all of these off this summer?

To help you get started, here are answers to the microadventures frequently asked questions.

  1. Climb your local hill in a group
  2. Climb your local hill as a group in the dark
  3. Climb your local hill by yourself
  4. Sleep out in a garden
  5. Sleep on a hill (or beach / wood etc.) in a group
  6.  Sleep on a hill by yourself
  7. Go on a journey – for a day, in a group
  8. Go on a journey – for a day, by yourself
  9. Go on a journey overnight, in a group
  10. Go on a journey overnight, by yourself
  11. Go on a journey that requires some planning, perhaps by foot, inner tube or bike, for at least two nights. Navigate with a map or an app like Viewranger, swim in a river, cook on a fire, leave no trace behind.

I reckon that if you worked through these this summer then by the end you would have all the skills, nerve and momentum necessary to tackle the upcoming Solstice Challenge, the year of microadventures project or a much bigger grand adventure.

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  1. Habit is key to any change in lifestyle, to include travel and adventure. But, in my own writing, I think I’ve forgotten that you don’t have to go “out of this world” to be able to have an adventure in your local reach. This article is a great reminder of that. But you mention doing things alone in your own local area. Whenever I’ve traveled, I’ve always felt more comfortable on my own than when I’m home…almost like it’s my excuse. Question for other readers, though, how challenging do you find it doing things by yourself? Do you find it harder to go alone Within your own neighborhood, or do you when you’re in an ‘exotic’ location?

    • I’m totally with you, I absolutely love being out there in the woods, on a beach, on a mountain wherever but by myself. It’s my ‘me’ time as such and its when I’m most happiest.
      Saying that I really do appreciate company on an occasional basis and as Al says- taking someone out who would never have done something like that in the past or by themselves and introducing them to the beauty and empowerment of it. I try to sleep out at least once a week either in my immediate area or I’ll take a train and boat to to an isle and sleep on the beach (Highlands) but I would say I find it harder to go out in my immediate area as I feel as if i know it all already and wouldn’t feel the sense of adventure….of course I absolutely love every second of every time.



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