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South Pole shoe shopping

The one where three fully grown men go all the way to Belgium to buy a pair of shoes…

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  1. Really excellent story-telling.

  2. Agreed Rob. You’re getting rather good at this. I love all your Microadventure videos too.

  3. Another cool video Al. As a matter of interest what price are these boots per pair? Did the boot makers sponsor you all?

    • They’re several hundred Euros a whack. And you can’t really get them sponsored as it’s only ‘sponsor-able’ trips that need them. They have to sell them to someone!

      • Wow Expensive! Maybe you all should have worn hoodies and looted instead! Well, then again maybe not, you may have grabbed the wrong size boots in the rush.
        I can picture the headline now …. Cash strapped Polar explorers copycat London looters for booties. 🙂
        Thanks for the reply, hope you all get the funding you need for the Polar exped….. Pete Casey



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