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War zone road trip

Here is a brilliant clip from my mate’s crazy motorcycle journey – riding through a war zone in Afghanistan. A ride done for the very best of motives: “for the hell of it”.
Warning – if you don’t like swearing, don’t watch this clip. (If you don’t approve of swearing then you probably wouldn’t want to go on any half-decent expedition, for they are full of mishaps, misery and tantrums!)

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  1. Laugh Out Loud (LOL for short).


    In real life I do proud myself on trying to take the time to think of more creative expletives than the traditional swear words.

    On an energy-sapping proper end-of-your-wits journey however, I found that I had little energy or inclination to expend on creative thinking that extended anywhere beyond “how am I going to get through the next 9 hours before nightfall alive and/or without cheating?”




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