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Who do you fancy: Fogle or Cracknell?

What was your thinking on this? Were you surprised at the outcome? Have your say in the comments.

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  1. James Cracknell, firstly is awesome, but watching the show I was struck by how his drive and determination could sometimes get in the way of actually completing the course. If he had kept on top of the problems he was having I think he would have suffered less overall. I also thought that he was totally unforgiving of weakness (in himself as well) which I personally would have trouble with – yes, push yourself, push your teammates but also understand that not everyone is the same.

    Ben on the other hand seemed quite a positive person who tried to smooth things which I personally felt was better.

    Ed Coates seemed like a good guy too, although perhaps prone to introspection a little too much?

    Oddly the fact that they were different worked I think, and it was a great show.

  2. Hard one!!

    I think personality wise it’s Ben all the way. Although they’re both hardcore, rugged (posh) outdoors types, there’s definately something to be said for Ben’s softer personality…. I find James’s persistance to be both amazing and also annoying- almost millitant sometimes!

    I also agree that Ed Coats was also pretty cool 🙂

  3. Al,

    One other thing I was wondering is how the guys would have done without James. I do wonder if you require someone with that much drive because otherwise you might quit earlier than you might otherwise – I know that when I’ve been out running if I’m the fitter of the two I’ll stop early if the other person wants, but if I’m less fit I will keep going until *they* give up or I physically can’t go on (but then again I’m deeply competitive).

    I find driving myself on, when no-one else is around much harder than when people are around. When I did a hlaf-marathon I really struggled when there was no support, but when the crowds thickened up near the finish I got a second wind and felt great (and then had to have a sit down after finishing 🙂 ). Suffice to say I won’t be doing the Marathon De Sables!

  4. Steve,
    I think you are exactly right on this point too!
    That is why I am planning on doing an Ironman when nobody is watching… Much harder!

  5. Interesting options… I initially voted for Ben but in my latter thinking about expedition racing (rather than expedition trips), I think James would be my preferred option.
    This is based on the primary fact that most of the events that the two have done have been in a race environment. In this scenario, you need someone with a desire to win rather than finish.
    However, if it was an expedition, without the requirement to race, I would opt for Ben and his chilled outlook on life.

  6. Rob CHambers Posted

    IMO, the goal is relevant… If the goal was to complete a challenge, i’d pick a fogle… If it was to win, I think you’d have more of a chance with a Cracknell driving you forwards, not giving you a chance to ease off (assuming that it would be possible).

    I’m planning on cycling to Morroco, the route we have planned is probably going to take 5 weeks, doing 60 odd miles a day… not record breaking by any means but James Cracknell did a similiar route in less than a week! And he rowed the channel, and swam the Gibraltar straight! The man is a machine!

  7. I thought the only one that escaped the documentary with a shred of dignity was Ed Coates. Cracknell’s inability to accept weakness in himself or others, and his refusal to recalibrate the goal in the light of the latest information, put the whole expedition in great jeapoardy. Fogle, whilst undoubtedly a great guy and a hard man, allowed himself to be bullied into submission by his friend and failed to stand up for himself, Coates, or the expedition, on numerous occasions.

    My comments may seem harsh, but I have seen first hand how easily and rapidly these two personality faults can lead to disaster in harsh environments and I think they are all exceedingly lucky to have escaped with little more than wrecked feet, frost nip and bruised egos.

    Given the choice – I voted Fogle. And like watching a car crash in slo-mo, I loved the documentary.



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