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Back to Work

Back home, back to the day job. Time to switch ocean rowing fitness to South Pole fitness.
Here’s a little video that sets the scene for all of my efforts for the rest of 2012…

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  1. awesome. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this adventure Al 🙂

  2. well done guys. inspiring start to the week. loved the dischevelled beach gym.

  3. I love the concept of “being miserable then laughing about it later”… thats the heart of an adventure!

  4. The training reminds of Rocky 🙂

  5. Amazing video, haven’t been to Skye since I was tiny!

    Congratulations on the row.

  6. What a beautiful film… every time I have been to Skye to climb the Cuillins the rain has been fairly horizontal… your pictures of standing in the rain and the noise of water hitting waterproof clothing brought back *happy!* memories.
    We have so enjoyed following your Atlantic voyage in Class 2, and hope that your next adventure will have a blog to follow too… it sounds equally awesome!
    Did you catch our book review of The Boy who Biked the World?
    We skyped with two different classes about your book on World Book Day, and were very impressed by the head at Kell Bank Primary who had dressed up as Tom and cycled 13 miles into work!

  7. very much looking forward to following the 3 of you over the next year or so. Inspiring and just plain beautiful vid to boot!

  8. A beautiful video and the best of luck to all of you on your trip to the South Pole. I will look forward to following every step of it.


  9. Timon scheven Posted

    As always, very inspiring! All the very best with your preparations..i’m sure you will be great!
    Beautiful video – loved the photography, naration and music..

  10. Amanda Posted

    I found this so inspirational. You’ve made an 18 year old girl living in a Floridian suburb very jealous. Wishing the best of luck with your expedition later this year. It’s sure to be monumental!

  11. Hey Al, very inspiring, not only this trip but the whole website, can’t wait to get on with some adventures this summer, keep it up, brilliant

  12. Great job Al and all on the Atlantic crossing! Quite an experience! Looking forward to the next adventure!



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