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5 to 9 Microadventure Challenge

This year I have been beating the microadventure drum pretty loudly. It’s even made it into the Financial Times!

Hopefully by now you will have reached one of two conclusions:

  1. You aren’t interested in microadventures and prefer big expeditions. If so, turn to this page.
  2. You are interested in microadventures and would now like to try one yourself. If so, read on…

The great thing about microadventures is that they do not require much time, effort or gear. And that means that there is no real excuse not to go and try one yourself.

I made this 4-minute film to demonstrate that even people with proper jobs – even people who live in Milton Keynes! – can have a microadventure. Watch it and try to work out if there is any good reason stopping you from trying something similar.

And then I’md like you to make a note in your calendar for Friday, June 21st saying “microadventure”. You don’t have to do any more than that for now. This is just the first tiny step towards commitment (which is also the hardest step of all).

It’s a Friday night and it’s the summer solstice. And there’s a nearly full moon (a super moon, no less) rising at 7pm.

I’mll be releasing more details soon, but putting this date in your diary now will mark a commitment from you to actually get out and have a microadventure of your own. You’ve got over a month to figure out the small details.

Watch this little film. Then make this happen!

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  1. GREAT!
    Beautiful film (as the rain slashes the windows here in Yorkshire!) and love the soundtrack too…
    WOULD they do it again?

  2. I did a #Microadventure test run on Monday night, I have a video to edit too which will find its way to YouTube. I’ve penciled the date in my diary and will be joining in hopefully 🙂

  3. Marked the friday… just not sure what to do?? 🙂 hopefully, something will pop up..

  4. Anybody wants to team up?? let me know… 🙂

  5. Coincidentally I have a microadventure planned for June 21st to cycle from the east coast of Florida to the west coast. The goal is to watch the sunrise off the Atlantic coast and see the sunset on the Gulf coast in one day via bicycle.

    If anyone else is in Central Florida during that time and would like to join me don’t hesitate to contact me.

  6. Great idea and a lovely film. But those backpacks, they look heavy! Panniers anyone?

  7. I’m already planning to be sleeping on top of Snowdon on 21st June for the Welsh 3000s Challenge as part of my 10 Challenges 4 Cancer. Great to hear about the ‘super moon’ and that it will be aligned to a mysterious larger microadventure event! Look forward to hearing more…

  8. Date has been noted in my diary! Now to come up with a great idea. Since doing my first microadventure (pics will be posted using my girlfriends Facebook account as i dont ‘do’ social media), i am hooked! The bank holiday weekend i am off to mid-wales to take part in the Welsh Ride Thing! So this gives me another date im sure i can squeeze past the girlfriend!

    Anybody contemplating going on their first microadventure, all i can say is DO IT! You will never regret it!

  9. Andrew Laws Posted

    Last weekend a mate and I climbed up to Taylor Meadows in British Columbia on our first overnight microadventure. We camped out on 2 metres of snow under tarps in British Army surplus bivy bags. It rained all night, one tarp blew away and forest creatures ate my trail mix right out of the backpack I was using as a pillow.

    The first couple of hours were spent freaking out at the slightest noise and rustle of branches as we were certain the forest was full of murderers riding grizzly bears on saddles made of human skin, but then we passed out to wake up in a giant puddle of rain, but still dry and toasty warm thanks to the bivy bags.

    After a rehydrated breakfast we descended from an equivalent height to Ben Nevis on borrowed snowshoes felling like kings and giving everyone we met coming up a snooty look that said; “Yeah, that’s right, we stayed the night up here. Not like you, you big wet.”

    In short it was the most fun I’d had being scared witless and rain-pelted for years. Get out and do it!

  10. I have planned my Micro Adventure for the 21 June and will be writing about it in my blog – I do not want to give any details as yet and spoil the surprise, but I will be setting off on foot directly from my office on the outskirts of Northampton at 5pm on the dot.

  11. Elliott Posted

    I have just discovered microadventures and am loving the idea!! I am also from Milton Keynes and love the video. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Btw. Where was the ‘camp site’ in the video?

  12. Is there a certain age I should be to go microadventuring (I’m 13) if you think I’m too young what else is there I should do like this?



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