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A List of Top Bits from the Row

With fewer than 400 miles to go we are really starting to look forward to the finish now. So I thought I would look back at some of my highlights from this expedition.

FAVOURITE WILDLIFE SIGHTINGS 1. Whale 2. Pod of dolphins 3. Marlin 4. Our giant dorado 5. Flying fish 6. Acrobatic Shearwaters 7. Sail-by-the-wind jellyfish

FAVOURITE FOOD 1. The first fish we caught 2. My one packet of pork scratchings 3. Due partly to them tasting good, but mostly due to the hideousness of most of our meals (Backpackers’ Pantry), I have loved our small selection of ‘Expedition Foods’ meals. Tasty, high calories and from Yorkshire. Perfect! (One day I will persuade them to sponsor me!) 4. Not available, sadly! 5. Not available 6. Not available 7. Not available 8. Not available 9. Not available 10. Not available

MEMORABLE MOMENTS – Night rowing; both on a full moon as well as dark, starry nights – Rowing into the dawn, listening to music. Your body wakes up with the light – Swimming – Many, many bouts of the giggles – Surfing fast down waves that felt enormous to me – Torrential rainstorms – Talking to schools around the world – Eating chocolate in my sleeping bag before falling asleep after a night-time rowing sessio

MEMORABLE SIDE-EFFECTS OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION 1. Steve waking and asking whether he needed to wear his bird costume on the next session 2. Me thinking I had fallen asleep on the oars so sliding up and down trying to row from within my sleeping bag 3. Congratulating Simon on steering so well between the dry stone walls I kept seeing 4. “Rowing” beneath an “enormous bridge” 5.Shouting as loud as possible into Marin’s ear (“We are sinking!”) from a metre away but failing to wake him.

MOST COMMON TOPICS OF CONVERSATION 1. Food 2. Girls 3. What we will do in Barbados 4. Calculating arrival dates 5. Sleep 6. Future expedition plans

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  1. Did you come across any signs of the atlantic garbage patch?



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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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