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Are You Interested In Rowing An Ocean?

I recently wrote a post about a friend who I had agreed to help. Philip had entered the Pacific Rowing Race 2014 and was searching for a final member for his four man crew to take part in the first Pacific Rowing Race starting in June 2014. The interest in the race was massive and Philip received replies from more than 30 potential crew mates in less than 6 hours! Shortly after this, New Ocean Wave, the race organisers got in touch and suggested that with so much interest that maybe there should be a few new crews formed from the readers of this blog. To help facilitate this they are putting on an event on 30thMarch at 2pm in Central London, where individuals who want to row the Pacific as part of a crew, but haven’t yet found others to row with can meet people in the same situation.

With more than 14 months until the start of the race neither rowing nor experience of being at sea is essential, just an adventurous spirit. However, as I already know ocean rowing is far from easy and the gruelling schedule of 2 hours on the oars can feel like an eternity before taking a well-earned 2 hour break. The event starts in California and finishes in Hawaii covering over 2,100 nautical miles and is expected to take around 45 days for a four man crew.

If this sounds like you then why not register via this link? Alternately you can send an email to including the following information:

  • Your name
  • Whether or not you would be willing to row in a mixed crew.
  • One random fact about yourself that you don’t mind sharing.

The race organisers have promised that they will keep me up to date with how the crew formation event goes and hopefully we’ll soon have a couple of crews rowing the Pacific next year all of whom started out by reading this blog.

If this video gets you excited then why not at least register your interest…

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  1. Mark Wallace Posted

    I’m 41 now and am looking to have a proper mid life crisis everyone either gets a new bird or sports car, neither really appeal to me but rowing an ocean sounds like a proper way to enter middle age kicking and screaming. I’ve talked about it for years, now its time to do it.



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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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