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Back to the future Interviews often ask, 'what advice would you offer to your younger self?' A more useful question is to ask what advice an older version of yourself would offer to you now. Our actions today have a direct bearing on our future selves, hence why we have sav Read »
Focus, choose, do Eliminating what you can’t do or don’t want to do is helpful. Far from making me sad, this simplification brings a lightness and enthusiasm for what is still available. Read »
A map can be many things. A map can be many things. It can give you a hint of what is where. Or it can be a memory of what used to be there. A map can be an idea, a cue for curiosity, or an […] Read »
Case Study This case study involves me, not because I’m particularly interesting but because I’m lazy. I have been writing books for a quarter of my life now. It is my job. Like most people, I occasionally wonder if I’m doing the right thing with my life. When write Read »
Start with why ‘My life sucks. I’m bored. I want to change things.’ Why? ‘So that I get back some purpose and direction. I want to feel healthier, happier and more alive.’ Read »
What you don’t know you can learn by doing – Living Adventurously 17 Tim Frenneaux is a former martial arts instructor and nine to fiver. He decided to return to the outdoor life that had brought him so much happiness growing up, and that the best way to make the difference he wanted to see in the world, was to start a bus Read »


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