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There is a Broken Connection Between Cities and Wildness – Living Adventurously 13 Professor Ian Rotherham is an expert on a range of environmental issues, including urban wildlife, extreme weather, flooding and climate change. He has published extensively in academic journals, and has released a number of books on UK wildlife and the […] Read »
Shouting from my Shed: 43 There is so much good news in the world. Useful ammunition against the curmudgeonly complainers at your Christmas dinner. A fascinating look into the world of origami (honestly). Lazy: a manifesto. A randomly selected collection of the ‘Best Bits’ articles from my blog. Different every time you […] Read »
We Need to Reclaim Time to Think in Our Life if we are to Do Meaningful Things – Living Adventurously #12 Sophie Stephenson was living the life she’d always wanted. She had a well-paid dream job in Australia, lived in a beautiful place and felt secure in the knowledge that this could go on, indefinitely. But she was, she realised, unfulfilled. […] Read »
On Sunday night I am excited to go back to work on Monday morning – Living Adventurously 11 Jon Barton is the founder of Vertebrate Publishing. It sits at the very heart of British adventure writing and outdoor sports. Jon says that “we publish books to inspire adventure. It’s our rule that the only books we publish are […] Read »
Don’t stand on the edge of the diving board with your toes over the edge for hours – Living Adventurously #10 Tomo Thompson is Chief Executive of the charity Friends of the Peak District who work to safeguard the landscape of Britain’s first national park. Tomo is a retired Army Officer, with a recent background in business management consultancy. He also […] Read »
Living an Authentic Life is One Less Thing to Worry About Louise McMahon is a climber, caver, diver, occasional photographer and a trans woman she/her. So says her Twitter bio, and I like the order she has chosen to list things in. Once Louise had unpicked and identified the problems she […] Read »


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