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My New Book is now Available!

Having worked as a teacher for a couple of years and given well over 1000 adventure talks at schools, it always seemed likely that one day I would write books for children.

It took four years from beginning to write about a boy who biked the world to the publication of my first kids’ book. It’s not an easy niche to break into.

After the excitement of publication came the down-to-earth slump of dismal sales figures. I enjoy writing for children but it felt rather futile if nobody was reading the book! And so there was a long delay before my publisher persuaded me to write the second instalment of Tom’s adventures. I found it a hard book to write and I don’t honestly feel it was as good as the first one.

But something happened. Sales figures picked up, Amazon reviews began to mountgood reviews, too. A few children dressed up as Tom for World Book Day. And I began receiving handwritten letters from kids who had enjoyed Tom’s adventures and wanted to know when the third book was going to be available.

With a sigh of guilt, plus a dollop of renewed enthusiasm as I sensed the books were beginning to make an impression on young people, I set to work on Book 3.

The book is finished, young Tom’s journey round the world is complete, and I am delighted with the book. I think it’s the best one I have written.

Buy the Book Now (if you want to!)

Boy Who Biked the World

I really hope that you will buy a copy or two for kids that you know.

You can read a sample chapter here to get an idea of the age range who will appreciate the book: I’md suggest roughly 5-years old to 10-years old will enjoy it.

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon now. The book is released on September 30th but I am trying hard to get a spike of pre-orders on Amazon from right now. Getting a spike helps a book jump up the Amazon rankings which makes an enormous difference in how many new people get glimpses of the book on Amazon. It can make a very significant impact on how well a new book does.

(I know not everybody likes Amazon: please feel free to buy the book elsewhere, if you prefer.)

I shall be making a similar push, shamelessly begging for sales, when the book is released. Apologies for the hard sell!

If you don’t know any kids to buy the book for, please could I ask you to share the link with anyone who may do? If you have enjoyed my adult books about cycling round the world, then I hope you are willing to share the link for the children’s version of the adventure.

Thank you very much!

Boy Who Biked 3

Buy the Book Now

Or really push the boat out… Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 15.01.25

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  1. Presumably there will be a Kindle version as before? My son is about to start the trilogy…

  2. Look forward to it. Just reached Turkmenistan in the ‘grown up’ version!

  3. Jon Doolan Posted

    Pre-ordered the book. Finished the adult version last month. Looking forward to sharing your (and Tom’s) adventure at school. Thanks Al.

  4. James Gillies Posted

    Great news. Adam and I are just travelling though Bolivia with Tom at the moment. So glad that we get to finish the trip now. By the way, Adam is only 3 1/2, this is the first book without lots of pictures I’ve read with him and its prompted lots of questions. You’ve defiantly captured his imagination with your writting. It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t read the trilogy a number of times over the coming years.

  5. Dear Alastair – I bought all three books for my 10 year old son as a stocking filler this Chirstmas. He has just moved up to scouts and loves adventures. I thought I would simply be “tagging along” as we always read his books at bedtime together but they have proved a real treat to both of us. We raced through book one and are loving book two and I know we shall be sad to finish book three. These have been a delightful surprise, I recommend them to everyone I know with children of a similar age. Thanks again C-J and Connor 🙂



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Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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