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Britain’s Youngest Adventurers

Last weekend, giving a talk for Alpkit, I met two very cool young girls. They might be Britain’s youngest adventurers. I was so impressed with their challenge of completing 100 adventures before the end of the year that I asked if they would like to write a blog post on my site. Please do get in touch with them if you have any ideas to help them reach their goal.

I also reckon that they need a sponsor. Are there any outdoor brands out there who fancy getting a couple of brilliant ambassadors on board..?

Here is what Amy wrote.

About 4 years ago my dad came across this very blog you are reading. It encouraged us, as a family, to do microadventures like Alastair did. You see, we wanted to dip our toes into the pool of adventure instead of living the average day-to-day human life – and at times, a pretty boring one.

At the time me and my sister were aged four and six so weren’t capable of doing big adventures, but that didn’t stop us. We started off doing simple things but in different ways, like finding a different way to school as well as other family-friendly adventures. We quickly progressed onto climbing mountains like Snowdon and Scafell Pike.

Soon after, we set ourselves a Year of Family Adventures Challenge; so every weekend, whatever the weather, we went out doing something simple but adventurous. Our motto was “Adventure is out there; you just have to go and find it”.

We are currently close to completing our latest project, a 100 Family Adventures. This includes sleeping on a beach, caving, sub-zero camping and more. One of our aims is to share our ideas and encourage other families to get outdoors in search of simple affordable adventures. Our website shows our growing list. So far we have 87 ideas posted and are on the look-out for ideas for the last 13. If you have any suggestions, please do contact us; we’d love to hear from you.

But remember, adventure isn’t about doing big, crazy and amazing things. It’s just about stepping out of your front door and going out your comfort zone.

We did it and loved it, so you should to. We hope that we have given you that spirit of adventure and you also will go and give it a go.

Amy Meek, aged 10

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  1. Absolutely brilliant! I’m inspired by the adventurous spirits, but it also makes me extremely happy to know that there are parents in the world who encourage this much adventure! Awesome

  2. Myself and my girlfriend were at the talk the girls gave at the big shakeout and they really are amazing. Mary’s already sent them an idea based on an activity she does with her Guides.

  3. This is an awesome story. I’ve recently started taking my 3 daughters aged between 5 and 14, out and about and calling it an adventure. I’m going to share this story with them and encourage them to join me in becoming Micro Adventurers.

  4. Lindy Griffiths Posted

    I was there when the girls spoke about their adventures! (I told about spending a night out in a blizzard) The girls were fabulous – and their family have a wonderful approach to the wide, wonderous world. Perhaps they could share their adventures with children in other local schools through special assemblies, or even further by web links. I go into a local school to share stories with classes, show them my gear and talk about how to plan adventures and be safe – they love it. Keep on adventuring girls!



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