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tree climb

Climb a Tree


Grown-ups are too busy to climb trees, right?

You spend two months driving the street in front of your house.
You sleep for thirty years without opening your eyes.
For five months straight you flip through magazines while sitting on a toilet.
You spend six days clipping your nails.
Fifteen months looking for lost items.
Eighteen months waiting in line.
Two years of boredom: staring out a bus window, sitting in an airport terminal.
One marathon two-hundred-day shower.
Six weeks waiting for a green light.
Three months doing laundry.
Fifty-one days deciding what to wear.
Nine days pretending you know what is being talked about.
Two weeks counting money.
Eighteen days staring into the refrigerator.
Six months watching commercials.
Four weeks sitting in thought, wondering if there is something better you could be doing with your time.

Three-quarters of British kids spend less time outdoors than prisoners.
Half of us spend 5 hours a DAY on our phones.
A quarter of us do less than 30 minutes exercise a WEEK.

And that is why I’mm spending ten minutes climbing this tree.

(h/t to David Eagleman and @studiocanoe for the stats.)

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  1. Derek Clark Posted

    Did you know that climbing trees can cure warts?
    60 years ago I climbed an ash tree in Jack Woods, South London and fell.
    Going down the trunk took a wart right off my knee and it has never grown back. I got lots of street cred (although it had another name then that I cannot remember) for the hole in my knee and the blood that kept welling out. Clever plants are trees. I’d like to say that it cured me of climbing them, but it never.

  2. But what are the best trees to climb? One school of thought would say that the tree you have is better than the tree you don’t. My son says that Pohutakawas are pretty much awesome, but he likes our Bay Laurel too. Perhaps we need to have a register of climbable trees…

  3. We used to climb tree and play games when we were kids. Most of the people really get stuck into their life. Climbing a tree can bring them back to the life.



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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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