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Cycle Touring Books to Read before you Go


Over the year of interviewing adventurers for my Grand Adventures project, I chatted to lots of folk who’ve written books about their cycling journeys.

If you’re planning a trip of your own I recommend you dipping into some of these before you go.

Any other good ones I’mve omitted? Please do have your say in the comments below.

Round the World by Bike

  • Leon McCarron: The Road Headed West
  • Tom Allen: Janapar (the film Janapar is excellent). Also the author of
  • Mark Beaumont: The Man Who Cycled the World
  • Anna Hughes: Eat, Sleep, Cycle: a bike ride around the coast of Britain
  • Alastair Humphreys (sorry for shameless plug!): Moods of Future Joys / Thunder and Sunshine / The Boy Who Biked the World
  • Dom Gill: Take a Seat
  • Jason Lewis: The Expedition
  • Rob Lilwall: Cycling Home from Siberia
  • Helen Lloyd: Desert Snow – One Girl’s Take on Africa by Bike

Also recommended:

  • Thomas Stevens – Around the World on a Bicycle
  • Tom Kevill Davies – The Hungry Cyclist
  • Tim Moore – French Revolutions
  • Anything by Josie Dew, Anne Mustoe and Dervla Murphy – three prolific cyclists and authors who should totally refute the myth that solo cycle touring is only for boys

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  1. Militant Vegan Posted

    For a different take on bike touring
    Crane Brothers: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

  2. Journey to the centre of the earth by the crane brothers is a favourite of mine, makes ultralighters look heavyweight

  3. Tom C Posted

    I would add Barbara Savage’s book Miles From Nowhere to the list. It is
    an around the world trip before cell phones and the Internet.

  4. Bartwatching Posted

    There is a Dutch cycler / writer called Frank van Rijn who published 12 books. One of his books is published in English called ‘Pilgrims and Peppers’ [ebook]

  5. sykkelreppen Posted

    Miles From Nowhere by Barbara Savage is number one on my list.

  6. Elly Posted

    The Long Road From a Broken Heart

  7. Robert Bough Posted

    One Man and his Bike by Mike Carter, a brilliant description of his tour around the coast of Britain.

    The Longest Climb by Dominic Faulkner, combines 5000 miles cycling with climbing Everest.

  8. Breaking Loose by Dave Cook. Highly literate description by Dave who gave up his job as National Organiser of the British Communist Party in order to ride to Australia to go rock- climbing. Brilliant.

  9. Rob Smith Posted

    I would add Cycling to the Ashes by Oli Broom. In 2009 Oli cycled from London to Brisbane, playing cricket in some unexpected places on the way.

  10. toms

  11. Sorry, I know I’m a year late but try Julian Sayerer’s ‘Life Cycles’ – the London cycle courier who got round the world in 6 months.

  12. Matthew Day Posted

    Journey to the Centre of the Earth is my favourite too … still have original hardback from 1987 !

  13. Mark Jenkins – off the map



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