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Cycling to the Ashes

Following the recent Night of Adventure lectures in London I’mm going to share the stories here each Friday.
If you like what you see why not come along to our Scottish event in June, or sign up for details of the autumn event in Bristol.

Opening the batting is Oli Broom who cycled from London to watch England whup the Aussies at cricket. I can’t really think of a more satisfying end to a great adventure.

The format of the talk is 20 slides, each of which scrolls on after 20 seconds. Unfortunately the computer died in the latter stages, but Oli batted on bravely to the end.

For more on Oli’s trip click here.

If you enjoyed this perhaps you’d like to come to the Scottish Night of Adventure in Edinburgh in June? If you know anyone who lives near Edinburgh please do share this link with them: I’mve got to sell a lot of tickets and need some help!

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  1. This is brilliant. I was at the event and I felt so sorry for Oli (and you!) when the computer broke. But it really didn’t matter – the speakers were great.
    Oli was my favourite – anyone who celebrates the Aussies getting beat is going to get my vote.

    • Hi Imran – having a brand shiny new Mac freeze in front of 400 people is not supposed to happen! I am glad that you enjoyed it.
      I have been doing a lot of apologising to Oli about the computer freeze ,but you’re right: he has a cool story to tell regardless.

  2. Frederique Masson Posted

    I agree that it was super. But Rosie was my favourite – I’ll be looking forward to you sharing her talk. My new hero…!!!!!

  3. qwerty Posted

    Turn the autoplay off! Scared me to death when my RSS reader started talking to me about cycling to a cricket match.

  4. Awesome stuff – very jealous Oli got to go to the Ashes, and what a way to get there. So many people seem to be just packing up their generic jobs, taking off on an adventure and never looking back – inspirational!



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Shouting from my shed

Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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