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A day in the life of an Author / Adventurer / Motivational Speaker / Big Kid

An insight into my life:

Write India book and eat biscuits on train.

Arrive at speaking venue. Find toilets to get changed in. (Disabled ones are better: bigger and rarely used, therefore nice and clean)

Emerge looking like Bond.

Tuck into free swanky meal at International Business Forum. Exercise restraint on free booze.
Slug back strong black coffee.
Try best to entertain and inspire 300 drunk/sleepy business-folk after dinner at 11pm.
[At end a pat on back from a colonel in the Parachute Regiment and “Bloody Amazing”. A compliment to value.]
Hoik rucsack onto back and walk out into night.

Look for soft piece of grass to sleep on by beach.

Snuggle into bivvy bag. (Definitely a hint of autumn in the air these days).
Watch the Plough and Pleiades wheel slowly above me.

Wake early to greedily relish having a pre-sunrise red sky and the calm, silver-blue bay all to myself. And yes, they are yesterday’s boxer shorts on my head.

Run into aforementioned silver-blue bay. (Definitely a hint of autumn in the North Sea these days).

Jog to train station.

Brush teeth on train.

Have cup of tea.

Continue to write book and eat biscuits on train home.

Repeat above process until sufficient money in pocket to head off on next adventure.

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  1. Michael Blackwood Barnes Posted

    Sleeping in a tux in a bivy bag is a great image, great stuff.
    …….I slept in a skip once…. but I was very drunk.

  2. Another great post!

  3. Brilliant stuff. Best blog post ever!

  4. Great, I really like the before after thing in the loo!

  5. collegegarden Posted

    Abandoned greenhouse, cabbage field, under upturned fishing boats, it’s amazing where a bivy bag will take you! Great post. Very brave to swim in the North Sea at this time of year.

  6. Chris Rock Posted

    Al, you did an amazing job with this post. Like the previous comments attest to, perhaps the best blog posting I have read….in a very long time….ever.

    Congrats on yet another speaking engagement. And yes, storm pipes, caves, old road worker station and construction sites all make for wonderful places to lay ones head.

    • wow – this blogging life is a funny old one. I only wrote this post because it amused *me*. It seemed like a brief, flippant post before I got on and did something useful with my day. And yet it is proving very popular! I guess the lesson from this is that a story resonates with me and excites me, then it is the sort of post that will interest other people too… Lesson learned!
      Although probably the appeal of this post is people getting to see my lily white ass…?

  7. wow glad I could help you on your amazing journey you may have been around the world but Scarborough is the most enterprising town in europe!

    so not to be missed

    love your rendition of your trip

    thanks al you were brilliant as ever x

  8. Michael Blackwood Barnes Posted

    It’s not your lilly white ass rest assured. It’s your ability to make and adventure out of anything – things that most people would see as an inconvenience. Very inspiring and a great life philosophy.

  9. Awesome post Al! Nice to see a bit more from your “daily life”.

  10. Great post. Much more interesting than my day in the life’s I’ve done, which seem to centre around tea …

  11. Hilarious – you are a nutter!

    Great stuff Al, keep it coming

  12. Fergie Meek Posted

    I agree with the other comments – great stuff.
    Cheered me up no end as I’m fighting with a web page that doesn’t want to work properly 😉

  13. Very amusing! Good stuff! Like your pitch on the beach, bit cold for swimming in the nuddy though.

  14. Hi Al,

    Great post! 🙂
    I’ve got your book, Ten Lessons today, it is also great, I will love it! When you will come to Hungary as a motivational speaker?!? People here are hungry for inspiration! 🙂 Not me, but it would be nice to meet with you! 😀

  15. Great stuff, Al!

  16. Crazy ass!

  17. I’m still chuckling! Again, you’ve helped we re-adjust my attitude. Thanks, Al.

  18. helen Posted

    Great post – love the idea of taking off in your tux after a serious event, to sleep on the beach. Loved the sleeping on the hill post too. Inspiring

  19. Nice post, you cheated thou, that last pic is almost exactly like the first!

    Keep em comming!

  20. Ha ha, Brilliant! just found this old post and cant stop laugh. 😉



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