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empty quarter desert dunes

The Empty Quarter Expedition

“I knew instinctively that it was the very hardness of life in the desert which drew me back there – it was the same pull which takes men back to the polar ice, to high mountains, and to the sea.” – Wilfred Thesiger

On a journey inspired by a hero, Wilfred Thesiger, Leon McCarron and Alastair Humphreys walked around 1000 miles into the Empty Quarter desert. The film of the adventure is now available.

Here is the trailer. If you enjoy it, you can read endorsements from people who’ve watched the whole film and then purchase the full film below.

Into The Empty Quarter is available worldwide now, on DVD and as an HD Download.

Watch The Film Now


Into The Empty Quarter is available as a DVD, an HD Download, or a DVD and Download bundle. Running Length: 52 minutes.

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    Introductory Offer – £5.99 [RRP £10]

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    BEST DEAL Introductory Offer – £9.99 [RRP £20]

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  • DVD

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    1. The adventure looks fantastic! May have to check out Arabian Sands! Will you be tweeting and blogging from the desert?

    2. Susan Lafferty Posted

      It sounds and looks amazing. I wish you and Leon the very best on your adventure and look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

      I have downloaded ‘Arabian Sands’, well I haven’t read a book for a week and it means my boyfriend doesn’t know I’m buying another book ;-). It will be nice to find out more about who inspired you.

      Best wishes
      Sue 🙂

    3. Out of great adversity come great opportunities! This is going to be an epic trip. The whole concept, with its historical element and cobbled together feel, is excellent. Well done and good luck.

      How about some balloon tyres to help you float over all that loose sand?

    4. Your adventures both grand and micro have been a great source of inspiration. I was noticing the difficulty with pulling the cart through the sand. Surly makes a fat tire bike that excels in sand and snow. Check them out to see if they would make the cart easier to pull.

    5. +1 for fat tires Al after failing miserable to cycle a beach..

      Have fun…

    6. Sounds like an exciting trip! How do you manage to organise them so quickly and smooth over your general absence with your girlfriends and or wives? I struggle to get a green-card for even a microadventure these days!

      Any sound advice appreciated!


    7. Hey guys! that’s a very interesting trip…but why not chose FAT tires?? …that would have been much easier to make them roll on the sand, even if they weight more.
      Have a great time!

    8. guess you’ve heard of Robert Twigger and his experience with a similar vehicle in similar conditions
      best wishes, Leo

    9. and an interesting comment from Twigger
      This was going to be the title but somehow I got all caught up with the idea of oases so I didn’t use it. But on re-reading it I see that the book really is about this strange passion for nothingness that calls to all desertheads and deserthearts out there.

    10. Hey Al,

      Thought you should know that this page doesn’t have the “Watch now” link to the film’s store page. But this page still shows up first in several google searches. Cheers!

    11. Better take suncream with you next time 🙂

      Greetings from Germany

      • Alastair Posted

        Hi Marc,
        How brilliant to hear from you!
        Thank you so much for helping us out there. It was pretty stupid of us to head into the desert without suncream!
        But then again, the whole trip was pretty stupid…

    12. I keep coming back to this story because it reminds me so much of my own time in the Empty Quarter. I think we must have missed each other by a matter of months in Salalah. Its a magical place, and your idea and expedition is great! I think the hardest part of expeditions is coming up with a great concept in the first place! The photos look amazing and well done on the film!




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