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microadventure map

Results of the Great British Summer Microadventure Challenge

Well, we nearly did it. And that’s way better than I’md imagined at the start, back when I laid down the challenge to see if we could get an overnight microadventure happening in every county of the United Kingdom.

I launched the challenge for a few reasons:

  1. It eliminated the excuse that ‘œI’m™d love to have more adventures but I don’™t live in the right, wild parts of the country.’
  2. It created a level playing field ‘“ a night on top of Beacon Hill in Norfolk (103 metres above sea level) is just as valid an adventure as a night on top of the Inaccessible Pinnacle in the Highlands (986 metres).
  3. It was a chance for the 40+ regional Microadventure Facebook Groups to make some plans together and for the 20,000 people on the main Microadventure Facebook Page to get involved.
  4. To create a useful compendium of microadventure pictures that will help persuade people across the country that you can find adventures almost anywhere, if only you make the effort to do so.

Here is how the map looked at the end of the month:

(Thank you to Ant for his diligent work making the map work, despite the absurdly complex borderlines of Britain’s waxing and waning counties.)

microadventure map

It’s fantastic to see that almost the whole of the UK got ‘bagged’ – bivvy-bagged!

You can see what people got up to on social media here, or on the list at the bottom of this blog.

It warms my little heart to know that people up and down the land have been enjoying microadventures this month – well done, all! Congratulations, too, to the folk in 12 other countries who joined in the challenge.

The true reward from doing this is, of course, the enjoyment and the memory of the microadventure – by yourself, with your friends, with your work colleagues, with your family. But I did also offer some prizes as an incentive to people – I’mve been in contact with the winners.

microadventure prizes

Thank you Osprey, Haglöfs, Alpkit and Victorinox for your support.

Amongst many, many fabulous nights out, these are some of my favourites:

Bed for the night on Bleaberry Fell #microadventurechallenge #lakedistrict

A photo posted by Dan Rooney (@danroon90) on

Woke up in a bag on the moors. It’s better than it sounds.

A photo posted by Ri Ch (@r.i_c.h) on

Bed for tonight #microadventure #microadventurechallenge #cumbria

A photo posted by Andy Kindleysides (@ajkinder80) on

There were also some nice blog accounts (photos and / or writing) from a variety of types of trip:

Well done to everyone who got involved! I hope it’s promoted you towards a summer of many more adventures large and small.

Here is the full list of counties that participated, with an example from each. Many counties had many entries, but I just added one for each.




Northern Ireland

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  1. Very impressive! Nice to see so many stories… looking forward to many more microadventures to come. 🙂

  2. Little Jim Posted

    Ceredigion should be colour on the map too as I microadventured there. And it’s already linked from the page above:

  3. I know I was late for submitting, but don’t forget Austria:

    Best regards, Martin



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Get the latest news, updates and happenings via my shed-based newsletter.

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